Penang in a Different Light

Too many photos i’ve taken on my last trip back to penang, so i’ll just pick out a few of my favourites =) I hope you will like these photos as much i do.

The 2nd day in Penang was spent lazily eating at Padang Brown, been there, done that countless times. Fast forward to DivaLisa’s dinner, we were late as usual(it’s in the bloood) haha.. Took loads of photos of the food served but THIS is the most yummylicious looking of all!! DROOL PPL! DROOL! ahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ok.. I’ll stop torturing you people with all the food photos in my blog*angelic halo forming above head*

I got to LadyCow’s birthday pretty damn late…about an hour later than what i promised!! When i got there, most people has already left and they already cut the cake!! wtf, penang traffic. It’s alright, cos my favourite peeps are still there PLUS LadyCow actually had another cake!! YAY~~ So those late comers had another private sing song session with her. Pretty dumb i think because it’s only 4 of us singing to her, while the rest of the people were chitchattting already… -.-|||

Here’s to my favourite gals!! Happy 21st Birthday again!! I also want lily during my bday ya!!

The last day i had left in Penang, i was challenged by Will to see who can be a better tourguide for Mr.Housemate. haHAHaha

This is Chiew Jetty around.. Jetty.. I believe there’s alot of Penangite that doesn’t even know the existences of such place in Penang. It’s a vanishing treasure in Penang as it’s gonna be demolished soon.
The view from the end of the jetty. After that, what else, go EAT la…haha…typical food, Char Koey Teow, Loh Bak, Loh Mee, Bak Chang..etc…

We also stopped at Upper Penang Road for this little penang carnival. Quite nice, alot of cute old nyonyas around, dying breed in penang again… Last stop before we went round penang island was E&O Hotel….The Promenade… The view that day was breath-taking. So postcard…. I love it!! We had no one to take the photo for us, we used a bucket we found around the compound to level our cameras. hahaha
Who won the TourGuide challenge?? Obviously i won it HANDS DOWN!! Thank you thank you!!

I would say this is one of my most enjoyable and memorable weekend trip home. Meet all my favourite people at once and meet some interesting people along the way. Perfecto…

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2 Responses to Penang in a Different Light

  1. aL says:

    woi! apa kui itu kuning kuning mia benda! sangat sedap nampak nya. neber tell people mana tempat mau beli. post post saje. sangat irresponsible you nie. biar orang mia air liuh meleleh tapi tidak disatisfykan. hmp!

  2. Eve says:

    That one is sharkfin la…had it during my sister food tasting dinner for her dinner wan.

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