Photos from my phone

Some photos from my phone. Actually there’s alot more but just abit busy now. Planning driving route for my first roadtrip of the year is just so crazy!!

Home accessories hunting is so tiring! Which tap? Which sink? What mirror size? What’s the height? What’s the length? What type of lights? They all looks the same to me really.. zzz

20140216-115826 am.jpg

This photo summarize my Chinese new year pretty well. Meet up, reunion, eat, drink and everyone being generous with their monehh.

20140216-120056 pm.jpg20140216-120120 pm.jpg

This also summarize the aftermath of my CNY -__-  Ate too much, too many late nights, “engine” overheat

20140216-115924 am.jpg

Also because of too much food, I took Marvel out for a short jog at Gurney Drive

20140216-120023 pm.jpg20140216-120038 pm.jpg

K’s birthday always fall on CNY. Since we both are big fan of korean food recently, and not exactly small eaters, we decide to go all out and had a great time stuffing ourselves with alot of food, chitchatting loudly instead of trying to maintain in a fine dining restaurant.

20140216-115838 am.jpg

Always happy when I get to eat my jiggae~~ ^_^  Not too sure who is happier ahhahahaha!!

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  1. Ben Khor says:

    Marvel is female dog? The color very nice!
    CNY is all about eat eat eat. haha. Can’t believe that you and ahbuttz are in the korean craze now. must be the effects of runningman right right??!

    Write more ! Really enjoy reading your entries.

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