Places I wish I were

Truth be told, this is just another one of my dumb blondes moment. Many a times, I wish I am not living in Malaysia. Due to many obvious facts but the urge are especially stronger when I’m browsing fashion blogs or sites like Asos. Certainly doesn’t really help in uplifting my mood when the thought of “I can’t freaking afford anything after conversion!!! “ creeps through my mind. Damn, i wish I’m still in UK so I can afford all those yummy stuff!!

Then it will make me think of the many dangerous “what IF”

What If I did stay on, will I still be working in the chinese takeaway getting fat and contented with such simple simple life ? Or I will be stuck at the chinese takeaway and sulking my life away?

What if I did stay on, and manage to land myself a decent job? Would my life be any different? I would be living in my own tiny flats, taking the tube/bus to work, hanging out in the many parks or nearby fountains munching on sandwiches and a beer on the other hand. Probably I would have more concert/music festival stubs pinned to my wall as well. Weekends away from the city, spend in another city. Summer vacation with big floppy hats and no judgmental looks. Bliss


What if i did stay on, and got stab to death by the so many psycho in UK that we read about in dailymail? Tragic end for me.

To0 many “What If”  and it really doesn’t matter as I am here. In my room. in Malaysia. No more turning back except to ponder upon the happy times, and let my imagination have a run 🙂 Can you imagine how cute my babies would be if my partner looks like Adam Levine, Ryan Gosling or Chris Evans? Just saying 🙂

So here’s to – places I will be in the future… that I will make sure its a good one  :))


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3 Responses to Places I wish I were

  1. helen says:

    ya.. i wonder too.. 🙂

  2. Sarah Yeoh says:

    Haha, for now your babies might look like Korean mah. Small eyes are popular now. Korean culture is dominating 🙂

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