Pleasant Weekend

I had a rather pleasant weekend. Spent most of the day sleeping. Doing what i do best. *wink* Nothing much to update about.

Was suppose to go Pantai Kerachut with my colleauge but that got cancelled. So i spent the day servicing my sister car and paying off my credit card bills! what a relief! no more debt, for the moment. Went to celebrate Sue’s 21st birthday at a BBQ-poolside party at her house. Quite nice, meeting up with friends and housemates and all…

Sunday was spent watching Astro, checking emails, bathing baby jaz and blogging. I took some of her photos while she is wet to post it up but it turns out very weird. Maybe next week then.AXN showed XXX just now. I watched it few years back in the cinema with p0ohz. Still find van diesiel hot like hell. Can someone find me a boyfriend like that? I like daring bad boy type.*snickers* That’s all for this blog. I got to get ready for another friend’s birthday. This round, we’ll be going to Tambun/Batu Kawan for some finger-licking seafood. Yum yum!*stomach growling*

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