Popping the Poppy Garden Cherry

So last saturday after my last paper, me and roomie went to have the bestest pan-mee in chow kit. Really love it! After that, we went home to cat nap for like 15-30 minutes before getting ready to go Sunway for a mini farewell dinner with our coursemate. End of exam MUST celebrate.

So after abit of waiting, finally all arrived and we started feasting! Yum~! We went to this place nearer to Domino’s. Not Yuen because we went there the other time, so decided to try the new place, besides, we had some vouchers so it’s cheaper. kakaka..
The food selection are good. The crowd was great. Everything went well. We toasted and that’s the start of our holiday. WEeeeeeeee! See you guys in 3 more weeks ya!

I rushed back to Setapak to drop off roomie and a few others before picking up TL and DesKoh to my second round of the night. HAHAHA. The highlight of the day!!

It was so freaking jam to get to Jalan Ampang. DAMN! Normally it just takes me 15 minutes to get there but that night i took me a whooping 45 minutes or so -.-||

The city never sleeps.

So we decided to go Poppy after much sms exchanging. It was my first time there and i find it reallllllly nice. Seriously. I will go back there again, i really like the place, the interior, the music and the crowd. All dressed up so nicely, lower chances for me to spot a lala that could taint my mood 😀 The place is so popular that you have to make reservation 3 days earlier if you want to get a table, or so we were told. Sai mm Sai Ah..

I know la, insignificant small ubi kentang from tiny penang island, that doesn’t frequent clubs but no need to snub us also. That is because i know my friend from kedah can get a table anytime he go. huh! Next time i follow him, then i will get vip treatment *cross fingers and toes* blek!

Anyway, it was a great night of aerobic class. And oh, i bump into several friends, namely, fujiwara and jasonyong. So happy to get to see you guys ok! World so smallll….

Before i forgot, i saw another fight. YES! Another one god damnit =.= Freaking sien ok, why everytime i go clubbing MUST fight???!!? wtf. But luckily this one is opposite the road, doesn’t involve the club i’m in, but it’s still a freaking fight right?

No clubbing complete without camwhoring! So here’s the photo. I don’t have my corel here in penang so i can’t collage the photos nicely. I just download picasa from the net 🙁 i plan some captions to use ady..now canot d lor!! Takkan go buy the cd from midlands just to conteng the photos meh..
And here’s the one with the pemabuk..really tak guna..aHakss!! Sampah masyarakat, sitting on the curb while waiting for the traffic to clear..aihss…

Oh by the way, i realized thatthe colours of my photos in this blog are abit off. I know why ady *smacks head* I set my monitor to be darker so that it wont be glaring, so each time i load the photos on to my pc, i thought the photos are dark, so i lighten them and make is so god damn fugly!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many photos had i ruin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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12 Responses to Popping the Poppy Garden Cherry

  1. CY says:

    Now most of your photos look rather dark to me. But that’s coz I set my monitor to be darker too! xD

    Why you cekik BS until like that? Wakaka

  2. Eve says:

    cy: bs is very notty that nite, must punish! haha..i forgot all of them are ur friends too 😉

  3. angchoonseong says:


    having fun ya?

    kesian me here have to go class everyday…

  4. Eve says:

    acs: quite fun. this weekend destan bday.will be lagi fun. poor you!

  5. Spyd3r says:

    poppy rocks!
    buaya nampak jealous siennes in UK…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wah lao a, how can u celebrate end of exam without me leh..!!

    Me very sien marking all the exam scripts leh, mata bengkak liao!!

    Next time must take me along, ok? Old people have to enjoy also leh! 🙂

  7. Eve says:

    anon: u also must tell me who u r first right ;P

  8. ck says:

    Me lah! How come my face not out one, and my became anon…??? I click the right button mah…sorry ah, old people leh…

  9. Eve says:

    omg! Mr.Wee ar..i din’t know u read my blog!! Anyway, must enjoy first, cos MR Wong tell us we are finish already. So sAD!!

  10. jMs says:

    Wow wat a small world it seems . the gal in strip is one of my heng dai’s gf … hmmm…. small world small world///… catch them up @ http://printf.wordpress.com/2006/10/01/langkawi-trip-2006/

    Do let me know if i need she’s not the one… hehe..

    Anyway, nice blog to hang around !

    Keep it up

  11. Eve says:

    jms: Thanks! Yup, world so small, we had common friends 🙂

  12. angchoonseong says:

    serious i am damn sien…

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