Post V-day

Nice Dinner~!! will never get bored going to that place. 3 single guy and 3 single gals. It’s not a date, not a double date but a TRIPLE date~! Yippeee… ahahhahaah no pressie btw!

Wanted to go for chocolate fondue at Haagen Dazz after dinner, but since the shop doensnt know that V-day is the BEST chance for it to turn into a money-sucking-vampire, the staff turns around and tells you that “Sorry, fondue’s sold today at 4PM and oh, by the way(in-a-matter-of-factly-way) we are closing soon” It’s only 10pm!!!! *fuming*

Since, fondue is definately off the list, what will be the next best place for us to go?? BED! we decide since it’s kinda new to some of us. We took loads and loads of pictures without realizing it


The TipsY Drink

i’m Bored thus the pose

When the clock strikes 1130pm, our lil miss cinderella summer needs to return to her 7th floor tower before the yellow 5584 turns into an enourmous pumpin. Being the typical US, we wont called it the night without a Groupie!! so…

so take again…

Picture Perfect =))

PS: i had a more interesting story in mind, but was threaten to be killed to bits/cebisan/dust if i ever post those photos up…WAHAHAHHAAH

i hate stupid “rhh” bank!! stupid service provided!

end of ranting!

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2 Responses to Post V-day

  1. angchoonseong says:

    tak berbaloi lar the corel u bought, coz the hasil not interesting oso…can use paint oso lar,…eeheheh

  2. Eve says:

    some sugardaddy pay for me so its ok. and u try to use Paint show me!!! see how u do the nice nice frame~

    First day try only! u wait and see!!

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