Random Mix of everything

In a long long time, i’m gonna blog about something that happen today. Uploading photos i took today. I’m back to the efficient me! Wee..

Have you seen Katie Holmes new hair? I think it’s just a wig but it’s funny the way justjared.com put it. Look! He’s comparing her to the super emo/cute melon cat that’s been around like forever. Katie holmes stole meloncat look…HAhaha


It’s one of my daily routine to check my facebook now although i still don’t know my way around it. I get so many request for stupid things that i don’t even bother to click Ignore now.

and today i get this message from a stranger. I feel it’s so retarded for someone like his age(1979) to send something like this lo…

so how r u lately? wat u been up to? so wat u usually do on ur weekend? must be shopping ya or hang out with friend yam char?

since we meet here, mind that we keep in touch by sms or sometime when feel free can give u a call to chit chat with u? cos i prefer to keep in touch by this way. mind that i get ur contact? my no ———— so when me at pg can ask u for cup of coffee mah..
Hope to receive ur sms sometime ya. keep in touch…

AS IF i will give my number to him. Even if i am in msia, i wouldn’t have waste my time keeping in touch with him..Ewww..damn chikopek la some people…


Woohoo..Today i woke up to one of the loveliest weather in weeks! Not wanting to waste anymore time (actually i used 1hr to defreeze from bed ady,haha), i put on a hoodie and ran out. Hoo! I shall take you through my running jogging walking route.

First, i will start walking along the main street. Run abit when i see some car so i won’t be so malu..

This 2 smelly cat was always sitting on the window sill sun bathing. EVERY SINGLE TIME without fail. Today both curl up and sleep pulak. Damn cute.

Then i’ll come to to the end of the village (fast right) and walk around paths like this.

On the right it’s just fields after fields of potatoes or wheat i think. Abit sien after a while.

Walk abit further, you’ll see stupid looking sheep grazing grass and looking lazy. You see the white white dots in the photos, that’s the sheep. They are getting fat and wooly for the winter too. Like us human, getting fat and put on layers of wooly clothes.

And then my mp3 will go “Beep Beep Beep”, signalling me that i’ve walked 30minutes already. Time to go retrace my tracks and go home online be boring again. My tired, panting, fat face.. Around no other human detected, so i can be silly..

So people, that’s how my kampung looks like. 40minutes can cover everything by my speed. Hahaha… Still envy my life here? Come here for 1 week, you’ll go insane.

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4 Responses to Random Mix of everything

  1. ihsan_huhu says:

    got beruang liar r ur place?

  2. Eve says:

    i hope not..

  3. mrbherng says:

    I should stop complaining about Cardiff being all so dull and lifeless…

  4. Eve says:

    u shud be grateful to be in cardiff T_T

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