i hate those ppl who are chong sek heng yau. I know all everyone will drop whatever they have in their hands to be with the one they love or in the case im refering to, the one he cant fucking ever get.

But pls dont make it so damn fucking obvious can or not, you wanker. I hate it!!!! Who do u think we are? Floats?? For you to hang around only when she is busy with her bf? We had done what we should be doing as a friend to you. But you loser, think we are invisible when she’s around. wtf is this. I dont stand any kind of this treatment from anyone alright.

Well, FUCK YOU~! Dont’s complain of the icy treatment you get from me, cos u aint no friend to me any-fucking-more. You bring this upon urself. You are the worst loser i’ve ever met.

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