Rhythm Cycling 

July is half year mark for 2017. For this year, life has been pretty tough but still everyday is going to be a new day. Still have to plough on.

Late last year my sister started going to this new boutique cycling studio right next to where she lives and have been raving bout it. Few weeks later, she’s still at it.. at an alarming state. Like 5 times a week? Some background, she’s not the most active person I know.

I’m equally as bad. I”m the type that only have 1 yoga pants and not even a sports bra in my closet. I don’t even own a proper covered shoe worthy enough to make it through any exercise -_- Case in point, I went Bukit Gasing for the first time sometime earlier this year and towards the end, the only shoe I have/had gave up and died on me.

Well long story short, I went for my first class in January as since DivaLisa can do it, how hard can it be hahaha… and I can’t barely walk properly for a week. Definitely got a shock at how weak I was and stopped. Not till February when I went for another class with a group of colleagues. Only once a week.

Now in July, I’m still at it. Sometimes thrice a week. Priorities in life had shifted. I would wake up at 8-9am on a public holiday or weekend to attend classes. Sleeping in over the weekend is one of the thing I cant give up till now.

Quoting from my friend – can’t believe you are actually browsing sports wear.

Now, I’m looking forward to each class. It’s the adrenaline and right music crafted by the right instructor got me so hooked to it. Together with these people that’s had also share the same interest. My sisters and friends. Every week we improved together. Most importantly, we are all really feeling stronger and healthier.

Little steps for bigger things in life!

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