Sad sad day!!!

My favorite chinese actor of all time has finally got hitched. I know i should be very happy, but haiz. Damn sad wei. There goes all my hope T_T

And then today during lunch, I dropped my phone on the tar road. the HORROR! The battery and the phone flew apart from each other! Ahhh…now my phone has a dent at the corner :((

My internet still sucks at home. I have tons of work to do daily. So basically I dont really have the time to sit down patiently to blog my life away. What’s me trying to save alot of money in order not to have a hard time in Singapore(yes, baby) in August

Alright…I’m very outdated i know, but i actually choose to watch Red Cliff first over The Dark Knight. Maybe even Sex and the City first before batman. hip hip hurray for showing SATC in malaysia but i expect it will be a rather short one..ehehehe 😀


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  1. helen says:

    i always drop my hp, even once i was talking when it was juggling with sth else and it dropped, i just picked it up to check that the person on the other side of the line was stil there! and my hp has dents in all possible cornerS!!

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