Scones with whip cream

No title because REALLY lazy to think of one. so i shall put it as Scones with whipped cream.  Just because i have the sudden urge to eat scones with whipped cream and duped all those people that google the sentence to my blog. HAHAHAHA

so many things to share, too little time to blog.

If only my thoughts are channelled directly to my blog, then you guys will be swamped with posts!! Unfortunately, its not and most of the time, by the time i sit down and ready to blog, the trails of thoughts are already gone. Hence all the “no content” post with plenty of pictures dump in..hehehe

The last wedding I attended, the groomsmen are those “an eye for an eye” type. So after us putting them through all the embarrassment, pain and sufferings to help the groom get the bride, they took our shoes while we are all sitting inside the house and hide it!! :angry:

Leaving us all barefooted when taking the final group shoots. And we are all very cool with it!!! 😀    :))

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2 Responses to Scones with whip cream

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    dem scones r so boring to eat. too plain and hard on ur jaw

    Eve: urs are cold scones so not nice one..!

  2. wendy says:

    scones in uk are heaven!!

    i always have many things going through my mind but always ended with nth when i sit down to blog..-_-

    and the group photo, im not there because i was busy talking on the phone upstairs..*sobsob*

    Eve:photoshop u inside la

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