Shinjuku Incident/Seafood Porridge @ Nibong Tebal

MrSmallFace was very looking forward to the new Jackie Chan movie, Shinjuku Incident. As for me, total vice versa. Shinjuku = Mob = mafia = violent = japan = samurai = blood = AVOID!

I spend my time in the cinema hiding under my trusty pashminas, hiding away from all the violent and blood gruesomeness happening infront of me.

DivaLisa, are you reading?! This movie is not for you! Don’t watch it! Go shopping or something. You’ll regret it like i do. Daniel Wu is not worth going through the trauma!

WHY do one would want to make such movie?? Why not more happy movie like Enchanted or SATC?! I hate violent movies, specifically those that cut limbs off. I kept have recurring images of lost limbs in my head for days to come!! It’s so sickening

Of course i was furiously mad at the end of the movie, not to mentioned badly shaken with how bloody it was. Stupid MrSmallFace just look apologetically at me. NO EXCUSE! I said i don’t want to watch it already!!

BUT! The biggest but here because i gave him a Get out of Trouble Pass some months ago, and fuck! he has it with him!! So I have no choice but swallow the fury and fright and smile fakely at him the remaining evening to honour my pass.

At this kinda time, I will shout FUCK THIS SHIT! but nooo i can’t because of the pass, so i’m letting it all out here on my blog! Ah-ha~!


It’s not like I don’t blog anymore. I can’t blog from home! I hate streamyx! I hate it so much because it’s so slow! It’s taking me ages logging on to websites. Like when AirAsia offer good bargains, i’m pretty damn sure i lose out because of my internet connection compared to people, say in UK using BT line snatching up my seats. Ending up i need to pay so much more And we are already paying them so much yet we get sucky service from there. Come on, any competitior!

So the other day(roughly a month ago hehehe) MrSmallFace mom was craving for seafood porridge, so we all went all the way to Nibong Tebal for their famous dishes! The famous one is ChangKee and it’s full of peeps so we went to another similar shop nearby.

I think we over order the food. Its alot for 6 people. The famous seafood porridge filled to the brim with crab, squid and prawns.

Another highlight and MrSmallFace family favourite as i notice, is pig trotter. DEEP FRIED PIG TROTTER! FAT+OIL = Guilty pleasure well defined. hehe

“Water Chicken” in hokkien, I’m not sure what it is called in English. Must be frog i think. The meat was very tender. Nicer than chicken, tougher than fish.

The rest of the dishes like fishes, kerabu, little octopus and I really forgot already.

And then suddenly, auntie decided to go see fireflies =.= Nibong tebal was quite famous for it’s fire flies in recent years but I’ve seen them before at Kuala Selongar back during the lawatan sambil belajar trip in Form 3. hehehe

I was also very afraid of the dark river as my native nibong tebal friend told me she used to catch crocodile there when she’s young =.= like seriously wtf?! catch crocodile wei! Crocodile dundee meh…but i tell you, that friend of me does the impossible, it’s hard not to believe her. SweetSarah shud know who i’m refering to..

His family is very cute. They kept scaring me with the crocodile joke when i was sitting like a status on the boat cruising through the night river. Then auntie went and ask the guide,

“Eh, Ah Cek, here really got crocodile wan meh??”

“Oh nolah…*trails off* then everyone start laughing at my stupidness but uncleguide continues Last time got alot, now fewer already”

Then everyone went stun and move around less. AHAHAHAHA. It’s not NO MORE, just LESS. MEANS the river really do have crocodile. Scare already leh! heheheheheh

Totally unrelated photo. Me and princess Jazz on the way to the beach! 🙂 muxxx

She’s so cute. The other day I put her up quite high so she won’t move around when I brush her hair. Then when i let her down on the floor, she was skipping excitely around me thinking it’s TReat time! But i just walk straight into my room. She stood at my door and looked at me darkly as if saying “You Bitch! WHERE’S MY TREAT/REWARD!!!” I got scared and quickly gave her a piece of jerky and Jazz is a happy dog again. wtf

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4 Responses to Shinjuku Incident/Seafood Porridge @ Nibong Tebal

  1. desmond-t says:

    the river memang ada ang choon seong LOL

  2. Thhose dishes looks yummy delicious!

  3. Mr Huhu says:

    angchoonseong can swim?

  4. wanster says:

    he can bite for sure

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