Singfest ’08

*Thanks to those that commented previously. I will take note of my photos size from now onwards*

Revamp post on Singfest ’08

The previous post was wiped out when my host was hacked several months ago T_T Imma gonna rewrite bout Bangkok as well, no doubt, not that i even finish writing bout it previously..teehee..

It was also the first time I’m in Singapore beside transiting in Changi before. It has been months of planning to go watch Jason Mraz in action together with Wanster and Sewjin. We are so happy that we made this decision as it’s just so so god damn worth everything!!

The festival officially opens it great huge fort door at 3PM but we were there since 10ish in the morning. Sweating and sitting patiently in line together with many many other people. Remember we are in singapore?? :p

Finally they allow us in, but not to the main stage area~!! To our dismay, only up to the souvenier store area. We were left there, JAM-PACKED, MORE PACKED than Sardines in the can, right under the hot sorching sun for 1 more hour. Everyone was shouting and cursing for such treatment.

We were rushing and screaming all the way to the front of the stage when the door finally open!! WOOO!!

So excited yet scary for me as I’m afraid i’ll tumble down all the way…knowing how clumsy i am :down:

The kiasu-ness that we had was worth it! We secured ourselves a sweet spot at the mosh pit and did not leave it until 8ish at night. That means, we survive on just bottle of mineral waters for almost the entire day. Considering we were jumping and screaming and sweating, we are damn power~!! (y) 😎


Stacy Oricco and Jamie Scott was good but not great..I was sitting on the grass most of the time…bleehhh

Then One Republic came on, and they were such a big hit, the crowd at the mosh pit just doubled up!! They were great, better than what I have expected.

I was blown away by Panic at the Disco slot. AWESOME ENERGY LEVEL. I love how the lead singer (Brendon) was swinging his head all they way, and how they recover from sound system failure during the first song. SO BEST, i was made a fan on the spot.. no doubt..


:love: :love: :love: MRAZ! MRAZ! MRAZ! :love: :love: :love:

HE was absofuckinglutely amazing. Please take my word for it, although i am already a hardcore fans. He is the only performer that manage to get 10,000 singing along and interact with it. Renowned for this fabulous live performances, he definitely had us all wound around his little finger.

Not only blew me away, but apart…I am was way more than hysterically ecstatically happyfied!! He sang my favourite track off the new album(Live High) and Wanster wonderwall too.

I’ve gone to heaven and back…. 😀

and I wont hesitate no more, no more… I’m Yours + Three Little Birds…and taking Polaroid photos and throwing it out as souveniers to fans..OMG!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

After Mraz gig, i totally zone out. Battery went flat totally.. Not even PussyCat Dolls hot dancing and catchy tune can wind me up anymore…I was napping during Alicia Keys set while the guys are still at it.. Until really tak boleh tahan anymore, we left when Alicia Keys was singing halfway.. Too lullabyish and merdu already..

SingFest ’08 – SUCCESS! Except maybe the ticket prices are slightly too high!

I don’t think the trip would be any better except abit less tiring. Thanks to the man, who can put up with me going on and on about the greatness of Jason Mraz for months, going insanely crazy when any of Mraz related stuff is anywhere nearby :love: , surprised me with the ticket :water eyes: and he spend the day walking around singapore alone while i dance frenziedly in the festival. There he is, writing a postcard to me from singapore when i’m sitting in front of him :kiss:

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4 Responses to Singfest ’08

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    read what i comment last time…

    sudah basi maa

    Eve: Your comment last time was wipe out together with my post 🙁

  2. d e s says:

    You can never find another guys like Mr Butt… other guys would have larikan diri if he is left alone in S’pore doing nothing LOL…. hehe Just kidding…

    wan yean looks so gay LOL “Yes, Mraz dah datang” *clenches fist*

  3. wanster says:

    apa gay… itu panggil hardcore! although sewjin lebih hardcore standing next to me

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