Smoky Jack @ UPR

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When foodie blogger Des-T and my LadyCow are back in town 2 weeks back, I knew he wanted to get some blogging material, trying something new in Penang. So i suggest this queer place which I’ve not tried myself before.

Unfortunately for me and MrSmallFace, we had such a bad experience.. We got there first and wanted to get a table for 4 pax. We did not make any reservation and had expect to wait. But when, MrSmallFace step beyond the bar/waiting zone, to a sort of like steel tube, the waitress shoo-ed him down, when he just wanted to have a look. I was also standing inside the restaurant looking at their wine cabinet and they asked us not to stand there and ushered us to the bar area again. I’m already quite pissed by then.

At the waiting area, there’s no stool for us, we had to carry in some stools from outside ourselves (now there’s another 2 girls waiting). When we asked for menu to look at, waiter only brought 2 – for the 2 girls. I saw a menu laying on the bar, so i picked it up to have a look. Not even halfway through, the waiter told us (waiting patrons) he need the menu and ask us to give it back. WTH.

Not wanting to being treated this way, we left as very unhappy customers.

2 weeks zoom by and we hold grudges like birds. My colleague told me the food was not bad, so decided to give it another try. THIS TIME, we made reservation so we wouldn’t be treated like pariahs again.

We got there on time and was shown to our table. The whole place is decorated with tree branches entwining with the interior and the seats are designed to look like cocoon halves. MrSmallFace intrigued with the seat that we can’t adjust. Its fixed to the ceiling and floor.

The menu is not very extensive. A little fusion i’ll say because it ranges from baked rice to seafood to ribs. They were having a promotion that day we were there. 50% of bottle of house wine once you ordered 2 mains. So I asked the waitress serving us, is pasta and burgers considered as main (they separate the 2 out of the list of MAIN DISH) and she just say “Er…hold on yaa”

and ran off… =.=

And then she came back to fill up our glasses with water, I asked her what’s the soup of the day and again she smiled and say “Er…hold on yaa, i don’t know” and ran off =.=

The girl got someone else to wait on our table that time. When i asked her to recommend any signature dish, she practically read off the menu ….in HOKKIEN! The HORROR!

That’s like the biggest turn off. We are paying like at least RM20 per dish at a reasonable environment restaurant, and she speaks to customer that asked her questions in English back in Hokkien. MrSmallFace knew at once i’m pissed cos she’s like “Uhh he leh, normal eh chai tua pi yah lo..Hua Chai, carrot, huan chu” = Got that one, normal vegetable by the side, cauliflower, carrot and potato…ARghhhhh.. Anyway, the way she recommend the food, I don’t feel willing to try the ribs at all…

Anyway, we ordered quickly and start waiting for our food while taking silly photos..

Shy MrSmallFace. Eh, malunya feature on the blog again..Eh.. *_*

My Salmon and Creamy fettuccine pasta(RM22). Very creamy but pasta too thick. He really did prefer Ecco’s

But I’m a sucker for cheese stuff so I fell for this dish. Good choice *pats self on back* Me and my pale face! I don’t really know how to apply eye shadow..or colors to my face except a hint of blush..paiseh

His grilled grouper fish(RM29) that comes with “hua chai” and was put on flame for abit..kinda lame attempt. I rather them not to do it at all if they want to set the fish on flame half-heartly. Bad impression.

It’s really not bad yet it’s not so great too. Ok, can eat but wont dream of wanting to eat it everyday loh..Part of it was quite charred to be honest. The flaming act la..i believe =.=

I forgot to tell on their bread that comes on the house.

It’s TERRIBLE! The one that looks like croissant taste alright, warm like normal bread but not very soft. BUT the round bun that we always get at western food is so hard you can KO if i threw it towards you. The manager himself said so after we asked him bout it. At first I though MrSmallFace is just complaining bout the food as usual, so I tried to take a bite at the bun. My, what effort I had to put in. So we asked the manager if the bun was suppose to be this hard and asked him to hold it..He’s like OH SHIT! I CHANGE FOR YOU!!!

To their credit, they did change the bun to a warmer and softer bun. A bun that is served how one should be. And the butter platter, if you mix the brown one with the butter, it tasted delicious.

In a nutshell, it’s a place you’ll go for special occasion when everyone is virgin to the restaurant. The deco is really appealing and interesting, as if you step into another planet. The service too, no other like here. I’m sorry if you think my review is bias, maybe i’m due to the first experience but they shouldn’t treat customer like that even though i look like a poor kid without chaperon( ^_^)

Food wise, nothing to shout about. You can get almost the same thing some place else with better price and service attached or not even better taste. The wine that we got for RM44 per bottle was very decent. For me, it would be a rare occasion if I were to return there for another time.

On another note, here’s a happy Princess Jasmine instax I took!! It’s so nice, you’ll never know which Disney princess you’ll get from my disney pack!! I want Doreamon one! but seems like very hard to get!!

Happy Happy moniversary from a (then) tipsy apple4today!

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11 Responses to Smoky Jack @ UPR

  1. PenangTuaPui says:

    We had visited this restaurant once, and there is another 2 round to go before we decide if we wan to include them as part of our listing.

    We did get feedback from our reader and food spy (i hope i get the correct wording) on the bad service due to lack of ppl and space to cope the large number of customer.

    I think they need sometime to settle down, one thing for sure, it is very nice place to hang out, at this moment.

    HI I am Huat Koay…nice to meet u.

    Eve: Hie Huat Koay, thats a funny name πŸ™‚ the restaurant has opened their doors for 3 months now, should have more than enough experiences right. I’m quite harsh on my review, but that’s the truth. They do have enough staff, just lack of manners towards their customer.

  2. Criz Lai says:

    This is definitely a brand new inexperience establishment that wanted to move along with the food raves there. By right, experienced staff should be employed or at least being briefed on the items of the day. Sorry to say, I would just walk out if I get that sort of treatment even if they were to serve the best food around town. πŸ˜›

    Thanks for sharing this Eve. At least I know them better now. πŸ™‚

  3. ven says:

    It’s a restaurant and I would expect restaurant level of services. If I were you, I won’t go back after walking off the first time.

    Like Four Seasons in London, I will never visit them again (the first and last time was 3 years ago). I am not willing to pay to be bullied.

  4. Mr. Smallface says:

    One more thing… the environment and surroundings are really confusing… It’s like the Planet of Apes.

  5. wanster says:

    wow… big names above πŸ™‚ (mr small face excluded)

  6. Eve says:

    Criz: Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

    Ven: The time i was at four season, it was alright. I miss their duck rice T_T

    wanster: Your’s included?

  7. wendy says:

    i got the doraemon ones!!! weeeeeeeeeeeee~~
    but im using others 1st n leave it to the the best for last yo..hahaha
    btw,i jz went 4seasons 2wks ago..hehheh..;p

  8. doraemon’s are OUT OF STOCKS in Hong Kong !!!!

    sad… sad… =.=

  9. Eve says:

    wendy sai meng here on my blog~! Doreamon, chanel and 4season..beh tong nia.. =.=

    christal, we share sadness…sad sad

  10. cariso says:

    I had my bad dining experience one week back at this restaurant. I just posted it up, try to compare if mine was as bad as yours. πŸ™

  11. Jaso Wong says:

    I have not been there, but the pictorial and written reviews there are no plans to set foot there for now, unless it is free or I am forced to.

    There is no excuse for poor service. New or old, everything must be taken care of before the doors are open for the day.

    Eve: Hi Jason, first impression on an eatery usually make or break the deal. Not many would have gotten a 2nd chance. I gave this eatery a 2nd one and too bad it’s the same. So i agree with you πŸ™‚

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