Snatch Thieves at Belissa Row

This happen right infront of my sister. So i just copy and paste lar..lazy to type again

What she said in the email:

I was at Haagen Dazz (Belissa Row) last night when I witness a lady’s bag being snatched away while she was just sitting opposite me enjoying her Chocolate Fondue!!
So please if you are along Belissa Row or any shop where it’s besides a street, try not to sit OUTSIDE the shop… or leave your bags next to your sit or lap.

One skinny guy just walked from next door (Coffee Bean) looking for his target and saw the girl’s sling bag just next to her, he just snatched it and ran out the street while his partner in crime was waiting for him on a motorbike and they speed off.
The person working there mentioned that this is not the first time this happened. It usually happens in Coffee Bean… Anyway, just be careful when you happen to be sitting OUTSIDE the shop.


Is the crime rate in Penang really that high?Those snatch thieves or robbers really like to victimize ladies. My mom was once robbed at “fake” gun point last year and she fractured her face bone and had bruises all over her knees and arm. Last week, while eating steamboat bbq at Sg.Dua, as we sat outside, we were warned by the shopowner to keep an eye on our bags as there’s people snatching bags.

Soon, everyone will be staying home to avoid being a victim to these petty crimes. Then the all the shops won’t be doing great and Penang will face recession. OMG!

Nah…i’m just exaggerating the whole recession situation in penang. hahaha. Anyhoo, it is really getting serious by the day. I just found that that the email about the snatch thief at E-gate infront of Guardian turns out to be true as well.

Why does the people around me always get to know about these kind of news.. Adoi..Just be careful whenever you go out, it’s really not a safe world out there. Bring pepper-spray, or penknife or the lil thing that can shock and electrocute people wan ar, together with you all the time for protection. haha

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9 Responses to Snatch Thieves at Belissa Row

  1. fooDcrazEE says:

    its just plain malaysian laziness that does that and they have the guts to blame Indonesian…question is what the heck is the police doing about it ??

  2. Jason says:

    damn, i hate those bloody snatch thieves.

    Btw, it’s not like we’re blaming them for all the crimes but it is an inevitable fact that they contibute to most of the crimes here.

    I myself has fallen victim to Indon culprits in my car break-in incident in KL but i’m aware that there are also others out there preying for their victims regardless of natiionality or race.

    The perpetrators and police are equally to be blamed. Period.

  3. fishtail says:

    So sad to read of those snatch thieves doing their job so easily. But in PJ, they even whack you on the head with their helmet or something; either that or they push you down. It’s getting to be like Hollywood. The police? What police?

  4. Eve says:

    haih…its getting too “meleluasa” already. Even those that have black belt will also fall victim.

    FYI, the snatch thief is a malay not indo, mynammar or any ah char >.<

  5. fishtail says:

    I’m not from Penang, though I go there almost every weekend. One day last January, I took my American friend around Central Market, KL, and right in front of her, a Malay guy performed a snatch on a Malay woman. He ran, she screamed, he won, she lost.

  6. Anonymous says:

    hmm.. can’t depend on police, depend on yourself, protect yourselves from such harm, be proactive, stay on guard all the time, i carry a slingshot with me most of the time, after some motorist whacked my side mirrors and didn’t stop to apologized, just sped away, next time i see da buggah all he sees is the bottom of my car!! heh.. ok back to topic.. don depend on police even for a big city like kl, there are many thefts that are not reported, thus not making in the police’s statistics of crime rate blablabla, so heh.. who wanna buy a taser gun? 😉

  7. Eve says:

    You love penang so much ar? come here almost every weekend? hahahaa

    The police in big cities are even unreliable compares to kampung areas i think. You must be very busy in the car, have to drive and aim to shoot ppl at the same time. LOL

  8. Tom says:

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  9. Kate says:

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