so THIS is how it’s gonna be…

*This gonna be another emo post*

I’m so stress out! Why always dump all the shitz at Me always during the last minute?! You know my group member just dump her part of assignment at me in point forms and expect me to complete it for her so that she can go back to her uluness and see her fugly bf. Fine…i will complete it for me.

Then she went behind my back and tell the rest that what i did wasn’t what she really wanted. wtf. If you wanna criticize my work, then HEY! do it yourself la! I don’t owe you anything but YOU DO!! Whats more, she edited it without my knowledge clearly knowing that I needed everyone’s part to do mine. So we had to present it in like 5 hours time, she come tells me that she slightly edited her part = i had to REDO EVERYTHING I ALREADY SLAVED ON FOR THE WHOLE FUKING DAY!!

and you know what is the worst part??

I cant switch group cos in my course they sorta like have their own clique and i’m stuck with her because we came fr the penang branch =.=” I dont see other people from penang branch behaving in this manner, eg: my roomie.

Talking bout cliques, i had my own clique. A clique i really put alot of heart into it. Because of these people, i actually sacrifies alot. Come to think of it, i’m like leeching on them now as i had very few friends left because i always made them as my priorities, turning away social contacts/meets in hope to make more time for my clique . In return, some of them thinks i’m over demanding, sensitive, hyper active. Fine!

Too many disappointed i had suffered. Too many times i’ve made myself sad because of something that i thought really matters to everyone but i guess i was wrong. Too many times i tell myself not too care but i cant which means you people are already embalm in me.

True, no one forces me to alieanate myself from others. But instead of hearing grateful words, i only have salt being rubbed into the wounds.

Recent days, i found out something that really make me see through some of you. I do not want to waste anymore time in my life cherishing something that does not cherish me back. Knowing how i am in kl, yet doing nothing, sometimes even scorn at me or give me the cold shoulders. Confronting you people makes things even worse as past experience has proven. Fine. Sitting, and waiting and gone. You people will not think of me when you dont need me. I’m not a buoy nor am i an accessories to accessorize you geeks.

From this moment, i will not bother you people anymore. I will not waste a single cent sending sms that will see no reply. I will not call you people and end up angering myself without a conclusion. I will not msg you people and receiving a reply of WHAT YOU WANT??

That’s it. 5 years and all wasted. I gave you people your life back. When can i have mine back on track?

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6 Responses to so THIS is how it’s gonna be…

  1. aL says:

    chill babe..

    been there done that. sigh. terrible experiences =(

    for your dear group mate matter pulak, u noe u dont need to be stuck to her. explode it out. do it alone. without her. im sure u can produce better work than being with her.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Eve..

    No worries, give me the green light and i will teach them a lesson..

    Shall not give face..


  3. cK says:

    sabar eh, i know college work can be tough but don’t let them overcome you. It’s good that you decided to be more independant. Too clingy to your friends will only limit your social circle. Afterall, they are just friends. Treasure them according to only how much they are worth. However, some can be real good friends. Gd luck on your presentation!

  4. christalloh says:

    be prepared on this kinda of matter when u know your group mates are like that.

    Have a back-up plan. If you were to have less time to re-do, then the back up plan will do.

    Then u also try to pass-around and tell others your side of the story…. lol… i did that… so i had more people on my side… lol….

    cheerful future for coming group assignments…

  5. Eve says:

    AL: I don’t wanna do it with her, she wants me to do it FOR her -_-|

    Ed: Thanks dearie.. =)

    ck: No more presentation for tis sem. Yay!!

    christal: even those blind one in my class also know it’s whose fault. so i guess, i still play the victim part, whahaha. Assignments are never cheerful my dear =)

  6. fishtail says:

    Wow, you sound really angry. Hope things get better for you.

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