Something Strange i Saw

Yesterday while driving home, i saw something strange on the road side.

I saw a sparrow chasing and pecking furiously at something. I drove closer and i saw what the silly thing is chasing. a Cockcroach. Ewwww, disgusting!! Nothing else to play with ar? Play with me lar… Why would a sparrow corner a cockcroach and pecks at it while flapping it’s wing? Such a weird encounter. Should i blame in on the weather? The sparrow kena heat-stroke and go mad issit? hmmm…gets me wondering

*the photo is there just to make this blog “look” more interesting and to show what a sparrow is -_- No cockcroaches pic cos i do not want to pollute my cute blog 😛

YESS!! i know this blog is L.A.M.E


Happy Ash WednesdaY!!!!!!

Erm…not really sure what is ash wednesday about. Just know that all christians are suppose to turn vegetarian for the day, some a week before today. Wanna know more? Go read 5xmom blog yar. =)) Please forgive me for being ignorant.

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2 Responses to Something Strange i Saw

  1. fishtail says:

    The sparrow couldn’t catch worms cos most worms don’t come out of the surface because of the heat (yalor, see? Blame it on the weather again), so the poor birdie got so hungry that it had to hunt cockroaches. Actually, it was probably checking out whether the roach was a new type of worm or not.

  2. Jason says:

    If i’m not wrong ash wednesday applies only to Catholics.

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