Sperman Returns

The other day, i went KLCC to watch Superman with SarahTwiddleMonster. Ya, i know i’m very the outdated but what to do? It’s not easy for me to watch a movie in KL ya know. I have to walk under the hot sun, to catch the bus/taxi to the lrt station. Then take the lrt to KLCC which is the nearest cinema around my area. The worst thing bout it is, rarely anyone wants to be my movie date because it cost so much to watch a movie here compared to Penang. Even getting it at student price is expensive, Total Average Cost = > RM18

In penang, watching a movie is, getting into the car, go gurney. Total Average Cost = <>

See the differences??

Back to the movie… I think it’s 2 hours of flying here and there 30 mins of action. =.=||

Clark Kent doesnt look HUMAN at all..His face is sooo smooth..and looks silky/plasticky! He’s like someone that pops out from some anime.. Weird… and OOOHHH!! I so hate the pigtail-fringe that is always there when he transform. So mengspoilkan the whole macho handsome look.

Anyway, i think the nicest thing from the whole movie is the kid. SOOO CUTE CAN DIE!! He’s so freaking adorable i want to bring him home as my pet d…hahahahaah Basically, it’s more like a comedy than anything to me because me and SarahTwiddleMonster just couldnt stop finding fault with the whole movie and laughing at it. Muahahaha …

That’s all for my review of the money wasting movie…


Today i went all the way to Seremban for a coursemates bday, photo will be up soon. Tomorrow, high chances i’ll be going Genting to watch the World Cup Final !!

Germany just won 3rd placing as we all sooooooooooo expected. Woohooo!! I hope ITALIA will lift the 5kg cup this year! FABIO FABIO FABIO!

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9 Responses to Sperman Returns

  1. fishtail says:

    That picture is … omigosh, hilarious! Cracks me up.

  2. angchoonseong says:

    hahaha..very pornolar..this guy got 3 balls…one very big wan…

  3. aL says:

    aish! obscenity! my eyes! my gawddddd!!! lol =)))

    btw, his butt muscles like..erm. duno also. hahaha..

  4. aL says:

    ahhh..i noe the word d..PERKY! hahhaa. =p

  5. cK says:

    wahh…so expensive meh? i’ll save the movies until i go back pg first….

  6. Eve says:

    fishtail: ahahaha

    acs: u think senget only

    cal: not obscene..very sexy..hehe

    ck: Go Penang watch is definately cheaper. Unless you got car in kl, that’s a diff story… =)

  7. cK says:

    got car la..eh i just realize your title spells Sperman

  8. Eve says:

    cis, got car d, dont complain.the title is spelt that way on purpose. dont they sound alike? haha

  9. cK says:

    of coz they don’t sound alike! got car also have to “book” one. i dun have one by myself here ma

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