Streamyx Customer Service sux!

At least the one at my house is! Omg!! I dono how frustrated i am with it!!

I’m SO SORRY to those on my msn list! I dont mean to pop in and out annoying the daylights out of you people. I just dono what else to do with the fucking internet connection. I’m like really piss off now.

This afternoon, i even went to the TM Point to complain to the people there. I mean, come on la, i’ve been calling the helpline since last year and nothing has been done. 1 freaking year!! I pay 80+ per month for nothing but to increase of blood preassure and risk of heart attack and increase the rate of aging therefore adding wrinkles to my face. wtf

I dont have anything good to say about Streamyx really. I mean damn stupid ok!! I already called the hotline and clearly it’s useless so i went straight to the tmpoint, and the customer service people called the hotline and pass me the phone to speak to the hotline again. WTF, like i canot call from my house issit..mahai…. You call that customer service? My ass la…Ask them for solution, just sit there and smile while saying ” Saye jugak tak tau leh, Kamu cakap dengan itu orang kat telepon la” fuck you la…What a waste of money hiring those useless craps.

Woohoo!! Way to go, malaysia largest internet service provider!!

I’m seriously looking for other options to online. Anyone know any other broadband provider? I need it fast! Penangfon is out of the question because my apartment is not listed. Sadness wei…

I’m really really sad can die ok, my downloads are not running, desperate housewives all stuck halfway. Damn depressing. Photos canot be upload, songs canot be fucking no life… MSN suddenly will quiet, no one reply me and then i cant surf internet until for like 10mins, then i can onlien for another 15mins and the process repeats itself. Arghhhhh!! wtfwtfwtf ok…Sien kanasai …

i curse you to death ok…go die go die go die go die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*browse deathnote website and curse*


On the other note, go watch The Holiday!! It’s like so heart-warming, but kinda wrong to watch it during CNY. Luckily i watched it on Vday. hoho..not that bad. It made me fall head over heels with Jude Law all over again. I mean, he’s like so god damn good looking, comparable to some ancient greek god alright. Love him! zilch.

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6 Responses to Streamyx Customer Service sux!

  1. narrowband says:

    That’s what makes Streamyx Streamyx, no?

  2. Wan Yean says:

    join me on the dial-up side… together we shall crawl thru cyberspace!

  3. aL says:

    try maxis broadband…

  4. x says:

    Customer support is the same everywhere you go. Be it in Malaysia, HK, India, or Canada. And it doesn’t just applying to ISPs.

    You call, they put you on hold right away for 20 minutes until you finally get to talk to someone and bitch about how crappy their service is. They then put you on hold to transfer to the correct department and try to resolve the issue.

    I got that same problem after setting up my satellite TV service. The installation guy who came in to mount the dish didn’t do it correctly. Call tech support so many times, they practically knew my name and number by the time everything was fixed.

    I’m angry now…

  5. Gracie says:

    Yea try maxis broadband.Payment is about the same as streamyx.It might be faster because they have less subcribers compare to streamyx =)

  6. yung . says:

    yepp u can try maxis broadband, they having 30-days free trial which is absolutely FREE if u withdraw within 30 days.

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