Super Gathering @ Soi

Just 1 part of the full fulling weekend i had 😀

Super Gathering at Soi. Why super? Because it’s a capalang gathering where people who know each other and don’t know each other meet up and know each other. Pichas from the super gathering.

Mr SmallFace and MsRoundFace plus MS Kimmie at the back

KKK(Kurt, Kim, Kenny) + Eve

My left and right girls for now. I see them every weekday unless I don’t report to work. Now, i see them on weekends as well 😀 🙂

Kuli-Kuli Hell…

Tarcians! As you can see from this photo, it’s good for boys to study in TAR. Banyak kangtau jugak ya.. :p

Terimakasih Taukeh Teoh

TWILIGHT ROCKS!!! group. Saya sudah balik rumah pengsan, so don’t have me in the photos.

TWILIGHT SUXX!! group. Mung was running around the whole night shouting Twilight SUCKS! =.=

And obviously the TWILIGHT ROCKSS!! group have more people..Of course need to say anymore right. Ceh…no points denying the fact that Edward is the coolest vampire EVA!!

The cutest couple ever seen. Thank you for asking us along. Had a smashing time. Whole body already smash during the water rafting morning session. Smash sekali lagi at night with you guys for such a good time. hehehe

I want to blog about the water rafting badly. Because it’s like YES! Finally i got the courage to do it!!

but no photos. And you know, no photos, no semangat to…heeh…tunggu sekejap la..terima kasih.

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2 Responses to Super Gathering @ Soi

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    lalala.. (dunno wat to comment)

  2. hehehehe, ihsan.

    wei nice photos. (see, dunno wat to comment also can comment like u have someting to comment)

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