Suplex 2006

This is the camp that i’ve been yearning to attend for years. Each year, something will come in my way inclusive of this year. I went back all the way and my hope got smashed up in the beginning but thank god all’s well end’s well =)

Lazy to type the details since butt and spyder already did so. SO, i will just copy paste what they wrote with abit of my own words here and there. LOTS OF PHOTOS PPL!!

This year’s suplex is kinda special from previous ones… Like Teong Li said “Ki Ni Suplex Chin Ho Mia”... Instead of taking the blue HIN bus early in the morning at Komtar, we initial D all the way up there. Before leaving civilisation, we stop for breakfast. Poor people like me only drink Milo ais, while rich ppl tarpau mcD.

When we reached there… we kena tamparan yang paling hebat in the history of Suplex~!!! For those who don’t know, the annual camp was held at Pantai Kerachut and no where else. But the kakak there said “Sorry la…kerachut sudah ada 100 orang…so sudah penuh lo…jadi sorry…tak boleh camp sana” Then everyone was like so down and potong stim maximus!

After a looong discussion and result-less voting, we decided to go teluk duyung aka monkey beach. Since the theme is “Ho MIAH”/easylife, everyone got on the boat and no one hike there.hahahaha We have to stop for a moment to thank our Legendary Eagle for climbing down the ladder one-handed!!! with the other one supporting one heavy carton of tesco mineral waters on his shoulder!!!thanks orang paleolitik!!

After angkat semua barang onto land…over there got many shelter and table but the boatman said “cannot use shelter, cannot use table, cannot camp here and there” meaning they wan us to build a tent in the middle of the sea lo…Pretending to be ignorant, we build the tent IN FRONT OF THE “DILARANG BERKHEMAH” SIGNBOARD!!! Jadi each time we build one place, we kena halau to the again…halau again…

Des: Abo we don build it lo… we make it flat with everthing inside the tent…so they dunno we will berkhemah liau lo!!!…
After that (1st joke of the day)
Wei peng: “the boatmen will say “walaupun saya tak berpelajaran tinggi tapi saya tahu ini ialah khemah” HAHAHAHAHAH

So its time for lunch…We have a few who made us Nando’s, KFC, Kenny Rogers, Dave’s Deli (sedap sekali!) while the other few read newspapers and talk kok, while some prefer to get caught by the tide during fishing. hAHAHAHA

After lunch, everyone go and cari makna hidup…Some “hip seong”/trigger happy, some tidur, some “pak toh”, and somehow, the rest got sooo fascinated by the creatures that lives on the beach…. Chee Book even made a mini aquarium for them…hebat~

I would like to say that we really took alot of precautions for rains. It’s good to know that the boys thought of the girls well-being throughout the camp. Then later in the afternoon, we move to higher group with a better shelter cos of a drizzle. But nothing stop the boys from football!!

Not even a storm, they just sit and gaze at the darkening, menacing clouds hovering over some foreign land.

At night, BBQ time!! Thanks again to Legendary Eagle for inventing fire and killing generations of ant… So we feast, feast and feast… We survive the dark with just 3 flashlights that had to be shared between 15 people. Plus, they are so inventive bout the flashlights, they actually tied it to the beam of the shelter and make portable lamps!

The best place to be is at the end of the production line.

Later at nite, wanna go star gazing lo but more like moon gazing…The moon is so bright, when u sleep under the sky, it’s like having a torchlight pointed at ur face. AND IT’S SO FREAKING COLD!!! Sleep on sleeping bag, the bag also wet from the air moisture. OMFG, canot sleep soundly, because the tide came just a meter from sweeping our sandals away.

End up sitting next to the bonfire chatting like zombie, and then got ant attack.. the ant bully us…luckily we got haosiao and grandmaster eingyung to combat and kill generations of ants thru out the camp… We just sit and watch and talk..

The next morning was rather plain…more and more lame and funny jokes…..where we can see abang hao korek a super long strecth all over the beach to hunt for lala or untuk mewujudkan sistem parit for monkey beach….after that, its just cooking breakfast and eat and everyone continue to find the meaning of life by digging up the lives under the sea and sand, taking photos and talking.

It has been a long wait to this camp, it was worth it. Going through all the trouble to go there. Bliss! seriously…couldn’t wait for the next one already.

Thank you for having me there this year =)

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8 Responses to Suplex 2006

  1. williamt says:

    it’s quite similar with butt’s. PLAGARISM!!! Jang arrr….

  2. JiaSheng says:


  3. Zer0 says:

    tak pi SUPLEX…
    cannot comment here XD (jking)

    jangz… nice blog about SUPLEX…
    those who see this blog… MONKEY BEACH is a nicer place to camp than KERACHUT… go MONKEY BEACH dun go KERACHUT (so that we can go KERACHUT next year…XD)

  4. Eve says:

    william: i already give it’s not plagarism!!

    jiasheng: dont be la =) melaka is fun too!

    boobs: thankiu…we go next week, lawatan sambil belajar again.. =)

  5. williamt says:

    I miss Suplexxxx!!!!! I wanna fry fries around the campside, and bring it around the campside…just becuz, I wanna see the face expression of the neighbour campers. it’s priceless.
    Boo Seong, after reading your comments, mind if i ask u a favor? Can i sranggle U ? (Jk..)LOL
    I miss suplex!! I wanna fry fries there…

  6. Anonymous says:


    i so wana go for SUPLEX 07 dee.. but no idea where wud i be this time next year…

    but those who live in KL, would like to go for a camp, head over to Raleigh International KL (RIKL)Introduction Weekend. I will assure it taste just like camps from home *or even better*.

    If you feel a weekend is not enough, try to go for a 10 weeks expedition. Its going to be a lifetime experience. *Yes, i’ll b going Feb 2007*

    Invites all your friends & chu phang kau yau to join.

    The next RIKL Introduction Weekend would be held on 12 – 14 January 2007. So hurry register now…

    If you have loads of Questions to ask about RIKL, please do come to our RIKL REACHING Recruitment Drive this Saturday, 16 Dec 06 @ Wisma HELP.

    for more information on RIKL & its activities please visit or call me up…

    *thx eve, promo abit @ ur blog… huahahah*

  7. Jason says:

    best nia SUPLEX…your pics oso very nice!

  8. Anonymous says:


    but jugdging for the situation now, the i will miss all the venturez outing liau.. hausiau annual open house and suplex haihya…

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