Swearing 粗口

Are you a banana like me? Do go like “huh??” when someone mutter something under his breathe that you dont understand at all. Well, i found a website that is a saviour to all cantonese idiots out there!! Now you will know when someone “diu” at you!!

Click here!!


10 more days to being jobless!!

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6 Responses to Swearing 粗口

  1. cK says:

    i’m half a banana like you but I think i can guess all the swearings 🙂

    u’re quitting or ur company firing you? hehe

  2. Eve says:

    im pretty sure 80% of frees product know how to swear with style hehee =)

    I’m quitting. Semester break over d. Had to go back to kl for studies lor.

  3. christalloh says:

    ceh…. got the site from my blog 1… huahahahha…..

  4. Eve says:

    ya..got it from ur blog..then i feel its so funny that it teaches ppl to swear as well…haha

  5. fishtail says:

    Huh? 10 days more then leave Penang?

  6. Eve says:

    yap..going back to kl d

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