There’s a notice at the bulletin board saying that if we had any inquiries bout the water cut, we may call SYABAS. Well, the number is always busy when i call. So much for calling yourself SYABAS when you are so god damn lousy ok!!

3 fucking days…3 days living life as if i’m a skunk.

How many days you want me to go without water? I’m here to live ok, i’m not joining any survival reality show, i dont get any grand prize worth millions or any modelling contract ok??

In what way did the water cut affects me and my housemates lives
1. We had limited water to brush our teeths and wash our faces..maybe just a splash of water
2. Need to spend more to buy water.
3. Even the empty 5liter water bottle cost RM3. Stupid!! It’s just empty bottles ok!!
4. We dont boil anymore water cos we need it to flush the toilet
5. We drink less so that we dont go toilet so often.

So Torturing ok!! What are u shitheads doing?? Lazying around in your aircon room? I dont have air con ok, i need to bath! I’m in the desert not north pole!! Idiots!!!!!!

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