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Holga Micro-110

Many thanks to Christal for giving me this cute souvenirs from Tvb Island! I only say I will not get any new cameras for the next 3 years, but did not say will not accept any as gifts :p To emphasis the petiteness of this camera, … Continue reading

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Diana 35mm Roll #1

Finally decided to post up the photos from my first 35mm roll of my Qing Hua baby. I call it the disaster roll. Most people first roll of Diana would be a disaster roll which we learn from the mistakes … Continue reading

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And I swear I’ll not buy any cameras anymore. Analogue or Digital for the next 5 years unless misfortune befall upon me. My old lumix served me well and is showing signs of retiring ages. Plus, i’ve been wanting to … Continue reading

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My Diana First roll

I finished the first roll faster than expected. Got a few expired 120mm expired film online. Cheap at @RM7 per roll ahhahaha! But bearing in mind the film are expired, the result will turn out very funny. Hmm. I used … Continue reading

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DianaF+ Qing Hua

I’ve been crazy over lo-fi cameras since 2002 when I first saw the supersampler/frog eye in Christal’s house. It was so much fun playing around with it, even with no films inside -__- Then last year, i was introduced to … Continue reading

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