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I think we read enough on what happened and whats not in the past few weeks. Instead of ranting (which i definitely can!!) I would just like to put down this very eventful month in my blog through pictures and … Continue reading

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First Marathon

My very first marathon. Or in any case, any competitive sports event that I’ve joined. No one can actually believe I even signed up for the Penang Bridge International Marathon in the first place, more over show up on the … Continue reading

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A Weekend of KL Food

A trip to KL during Raya looong weekend. Luckily tomorrow, another loong weekend awaits. Love Malaysia and her many bank holidays!! <3 First stop before the mamak go on break – Bumbung Nasi Lemak! My all time favourite food is … Continue reading

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Georgetown Festivals Street Project

Update: Just an hour after I finally published this post, a friend send me an image showing the Bicycle painting was vandalized by an idiot ! But 2 kind Penangites took the initiatives to salvage the painting and i think they did … Continue reading

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How appropriate to have BERSIH on my sister’s Birthday who loves cleaning. Also the birthday of Saddam Hussein. hmm. Last year 709 i was in Taiwan dressed in yellow nevertheless. I attended 428 with a group of friends at the Penang Chapter. Vast … Continue reading

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