Taipei 2011

This will conclude my postings on Taiwan for 2011. after almost 5months.

Coldstone is yummy

Random cafe with wifi in Taiwan, Dong Chu area. with plenty of lomography photos stuck to the wall, random mismatch table and chairs. Even complete with a shy french bulldog roaming and hiding around.

Nice latte stirrer. With wifi around, anti-social mode on, bbm mode on.

Very nice strawberry milk drink introduce to me by my cousin. I think i bought it 3-4 times during my stay. so yummy <3


Din Tai Fung – never leave taiwan without trying it if you are a first timer. In this case, Mrsmallface. We went to the Sogo Mall Branch as we do not want to miss our flight. Famous for the crazy long queue, we are no exception to that.

In Taiwan, I believe it’s quite sexist as you can witness how business will usually “exploits” women. For example, there is no waiter only waitress working. According to my uncle’s theory, at least when people get frustrated of waiting for their table, a nice female voice will calm people down better than a male. =.=

Famous soup noodle and fried rice to share . Uncle says dont bother with the noodle, everyone comes for the soup

Ever famous Xiao Long Bao !!! Its really super awesome

The skills of the sifu must be there as the basic standard to meet for each of the dumplings is to have 18 folds, when you pick the bao up, the skins is transluscent yet able to contain the soup inside the dumplings.

Final goodbye to my cool uncle before heading to the airport.



Leaving with a heavy heart. 🙁


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  1. wendy says:

    i went to din tai fung last time with my dad. super busy and super long queue! but the xiao long bao is really good hehe

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