Taipei City – Day 1

I procrastinate long enough. 1 month to be exact

Seriously considering to abandon the project 52, doom to fail from beginning? haha!

The trip initially cost us RM400 per pax for a return trip from KL – TPE. But the genius me forgot the whole part about PG -KL until 1 week before departure and obviously the “most affordable” airline doesn’t seems so affordable anymore -__-

Adding salt to the pain, I forgot about luggage allowance for PG-KL. Who can remember that part ? I always have only 1 backpack with me for domestic flight so that cost Mrsmallface again at the airport – hehe

Tips: Taiwan Youth Club gives free sim card with credits about TWD100 for foreigners which both me and MrSmallface finds handy. You can also apply for a phone loan with no cost.

From Kimmie’s email –

Also apply for 青年卡 (youth card) from the counter, whoever below 30 years old can apply… u will get a lot of discount when u purchase tics to Taipei 101 / 故宫 and most of the tourist spots… ( some 20% some half price )

My uncle and cousin was so nice to wait for us at Taoyuan Airport for more than an hour as the flight was, yes you guessed it, delayed. Pick us up and zoom off to watch the last session of “changing of guard”

Top right corner photo  shows us at Gu Gong which have more China antiques/artifact than China itself. The displays are rotated once every three months, which means 60,000 pieces can be viewed in a year and it would take nearly 12 years to see them all. Talk about collection.

Martyr’s Shrine

Can I strike off China in my to-travel destinations? I feel like I’ve already visited china.

We rented this small room from DayRentKing . It was so difficult to lock down on accommodation because there’s so many nice and creatively designed rooms available to be rent.

We were very happy with this one, as it’s SO Convenient!! Less than 5 mins walk from ZhongXiao Fuxing Station, directly opposite the new Sogo Mall and there’s convenient shop just below. The only downside was, the exterior of the studio was quite dodgy, run-down apartment. However, that doesnt bother us much as we were out of the entire day anyway. It even comes with a washing machine. hmm

Here’s a few others which Kimmie and myself had researched on. –> Very nice but over my budget this trip

Nightmarket #1 – Shilin, so damn humid and hot.

Super famous Big Fried Chicken Chop, i love it!

Long Q as with all the yummy snack! As you Q, they will pass you big paperbag and once it’s your turn, they’ll just shove the piping hot chop into the paperbag. So be alert!

Taiwan Sausage – how could one give this a miss when you are in the birth country. YUMS!!!

Loosely translated will be “Frog laying Eggs” , another version of the traditional bubble tea, this is abit like Penang Lohan Kuo nata de coco, so thumbs up from me! Had this equal times as bubble milk tea throughout the trip. The bubble are white in color and more chewy top with snow ice.

Fried Potato Flooded with cheesseeee top with your desired topping. You can find it in a few of the night market.

I believe this will taste 100x better in winter.

My taiwan extended families which I haven’t seen some of them for close to 10 years! Hospitality are superb and appreciate them for spending time with me :))

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  1. Mr Huhu says:

    they must be like ” waaa, u r so big now, 10yrs ago so little..”

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