Taipei City – Day 2

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Breakfast – a very typical taiwanese  breakfast  Milk Tea or Soy Milk and sandwiches. The photo showing a dish my cousin ordered. Ommelette of a sort wrapping taro fish.

Shin KongMitsukoshi (新光三越) – equivalent to our Pavilion Mall in KL. Thought that the building was nice. If you take the MRT to Taipei 101, will have to walk past it.

In front of Taipei Eslite bookstore, which is the ultimate 24-hour hangout for bookworms as it spans 6 to 7 storey high. I forgot. Not so interesting for me as my trip is not for book buying or reading. I think I took a better version of the “touristy” photo of MrSmallface vs the one he took of me and my kid cousin.

After using our youth card for discount. The tickets are cute as it’s different for each stub. It’s our lucky day as we queue patiently behind a group of Chinese tourists -_-

Climb up even higher to the open air rooftop observatory.

Jumping from 391.8 m (1,285 ft) above ground. Means, I did the highest jump on earth? Quite cool, eh? 🙂

I think the top part of the tower was swaying non stop, hence was quite dizzy. With the ultra super fast elevator, that doesn’t help the situation at all. Maybe shouldn’t have jump and run around so much on top of the deck.

Saw this super cute kid at the Tiffany & Co store in Taipei 101. The major sadness here was the fact that I was admiring one of the piece on display outside of the store, while this kid suddenly pops out from behind the pillar inside of the store and proceed to press her face to the glass -_____- Rich kid but damn cute

In front of Taipei 101

Walking back to the MRT station, heading towards Wu Fen Pu. The traffic and pedestrian crossing really makes senses here! you not only get to cross in  box direction at a T junction, you can cross diagonally too, so save up your time from crossing twice. Cool~~ Taipei version of Abbey Walk 🙂

Poodles are as common as mobile phones in Taiwan. Or maybe a bracelet because the people here bring them around like Paris hilton -_-

Basically WuFenPu is Taipei’s version of Platinum Mall in Bangkok. Wholesale area and since it’s so commercialize, it’s unlikely you will find anything extraordinary cheap here. The prices are slightly higher than Bangkok but I have to say their material are better. Also because tourists comes here in truckload on the daily basis, they wont be so friendly as well 🙁

Moving on to one of my favorite night market in Taipei so far – Rao He 饶河夜市 which is very near the vicinity of WuFenPu. Grab a cab or walk if you are strong!

I love love this “pepper biscuits” and no wonder there’s a queue for it!  It’s basically char siew pau but instead of soft fluffy bun, its like seremban siew pau or roti nan exterior. Even the way they baked it are similar. SO juicy andyummy!!! 

Classic taiwan street snack – Pig’s Blood Cake – not a fan, haha!! They harden the blood with some tapioca flour or something and steam it. Coat it with pounded peanuts and served with some garnishing.

The top row is de-bone chicken drumstick, filled with chicken meat and lighty grilled. so full of flavor and yummy~!!

Bottom row – Ice Shavings or Snow Ice in taiwan with their local mango. Superb taken in the summer heat! To the left you have beef ribs soup boiled to perfection. According to my uncle, everyone will come and have the ribs, eating it with your fingers. Too hot at that time to enjoy a hot soup but the ribs are very tender to the teeth.

Sleepy French Bulldog.. How nice if we can bring our dogs everywhere in Malaysia as well 🙁

Effective marketing strategy-  exploits pretty ladies. which is sooo common here. Even my uncle agrees on this -______-  Anyway it kinda works as Mrsmallface bought a cup from them …

Final photo of the day, tired from walking the whole day, we just spend the night trying to bar hop, but all of it was full in Tongchu area and we are too under dressed for clubs. So we end up in Starbucks.. and 7-11 where i met Leehom (^_^)


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