Thai Massage – bangkok

What trip to Thailand is complete without any massage?

Today most trainess went to this very good place recommended by the local. Health Land Spa & Massage! They have 6 branches and we went to Ekamai branch, which is nearest to the hotel


Never have I seen such huge and grand massage place in Thailand!!! Upon entering, first impression was “Are we at the right place? Is this a hotel?!?!”


The waiting or receiving area. After paying first, we sat at the receiving area until the room is prepared. They have rooms and rooms, alleys looking like karaoke and 3 storeys high.


Overall, the price is reasonable for the place and massage. Thai Massage -450bht for 2 hours, minus all the dodgy spa and cowboy girls…I will go back!

It was 930pm and we were starving!! Walking aimlessly down the soi, we just went to the first shop that we saw. Ottoya japanese restaurant is the lucky one 😀

Salad..something Yoshiko ordered. Vege is never my thing =.=




Potato Korokke too (i dont know how to spell)


Total price for my korokke and katsudon is around 230bht. Not so bad isnt it 🙂

Here’s a new addition to my blog. A yellow turtle. Yet to be name…so please suggest:D


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  1. ynnek says:

    Give me one when you get back ok?

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