The big Three-Ohhhh

10 years back, I would have definitely imagined and expected a very different kind of party for my 30th birthday.

Instead of cooking for the closest friends and family, I would have thought I will be out all night, partying. Champagnes, VIP area, and all that jazz. After all, I’ve already reach a milestone in life and when I’m at 20, 30 seems so far away and definitely I can afford it by then. It’s called dirtythirty for a reason. That’s the life isn’t it? Apparently not anymore.

Dressing up and going out is a hassle. Getting to stay home and cook is a luxury, especially when all the people I love to be with are at the same place. Having my best friend over to help me with the cooking is love. No need to wash up the dishes after all the cooking is major love.

When we are at this stage of life, time is so scarce. We set our priorities right especially during the weekends, where we choose carefully how and who we spend it with. It’s definitely a blessing the people here chose to spend it at our humble abode and with me. love

I had the loveliest time ever!



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