The Celebration(s) Part 1

It’s all started when i thought i will just go dinner at pizza and call it a day. It was nice for the boys to bring me and Sarah out for dinner. Really lovely. So i went alil, chat alil, approve from friendster testimonial and then…

I received a call right after i publish the previous post. A call just 5 minutes before midnight.

My first surprise ever!!!!! As to what i can remember, that’s it.

Will continue soon..need to sleep for 8am lecture tomorrow =P

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2 Responses to The Celebration(s) Part 1

  1. kokbeng says:

    i came accros the link from and accidently saw a pic of guy who wearing a spec in your picture attempt cutting the part of pizzaz..i think i knew this guy..the guy who same course with me..wondering any link u with him..just a mate in course with him..send a regards to him from me is smaller than world..

  2. Eve says:

    Hie! That fella name is ah wong which is also my coursemate. i shall ask him about you =) Thanks for dropping by!

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