The Mad Pop World..

Haiz, maklumlah my life now like auntie, sipping tea watching tv 80% of the time. YA… YA! To most of you out there, will kill for a life i mentioned, but honestly, it so boring.

So there’s this talk show on everyday at 5pm that i watch because the host brings his dog on set and it’s very cute. On Monday, Alice Cooper was on the show and he was saying that the world is mad now. How come nowadays pop girls like Britney and Lindsay and Nicole gets jail term when they are suppose to be role model to many others out there WHILE notorious hardcore metal rockers like him and Ozzy Osbournes are sitting at home watching the news on telly? Get it? To give u an idea wat Alice Cooper looks like…

Not exactly the uncle next door ya…hehehe

And also, Spice Girls has launched their new single. YAY! since I’m a huge fans back then. But i don’t see the point at all to strip down to their lingerie for their video. It’s a ballad for goodness sake, it’s not some saucy club hits!

And they are all in their thirties, yea, understand that they wanna flaunt their figures but it’s totally unnecessary. What more when this video was launch for the sake of Children in Need program. it’s for children. Goshhh….. -___-

So tasteless. Totally hookerish gear for me! Urgh….Guess what? All those who gave birth was in lingerie except for Mel C who’s not even married! Go figure!

Out of randomness, I just watched That Thing You Do today on telly. It’s just a feel good movie. I love love it even though i’ve watched it like countless time!! Catchy tune to sing along as well 🙂 Not to mentioned, i’ve also watched plenty of old movies like Ghost, Sister Act, Dirty Dancing, Van Helsing and such. hehe….

Brits tv are so cool. They have this programme Pleasure for Money that films around a legal brothel. The camera follows the prostitutes around and they actually show the hooker and customer inside the room! They actually interviewed the customer and he was like saying “I was never categorized as a good looking guy. I’m the fat, plain guy. I never had sex before this, I have no friends bla bla bla…..” wtf…

And they had this foreplay with balloons, the prostitute is blowing a balloon while saying “Phoar, this is the toughest blowjob i’ve ever did!” HAHAHAHAHAHAH and u can actually see the intense look on that fat guy face and sweat dripping off his forehead when he’s teasing her with it.. hAHAHa Loser…then i switch to other channel ady (HONEST)…whahaha…. it’s on BBC 4 Wednesday 11pm btw, for those who are interested. kekeke

I wonder what’s on telly tomoro night….

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2 Responses to The Mad Pop World..

  1. Des says:

    omg.. foreplay with balloons… are they nuts?

    explode how?


  2. Eve says:

    then they have an explosion of their own la… ahahah

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