The TAR Coursemate’s Penang Trip

Just finished the trip with my coursemates in Penang. Bringing them around penang for 3 days is best time ever. I wished we had the trip earlier as the trip has brought us closer together yet after the trip we can do nothing but part ways.

So happen that i was like having bloggers streak! The night before i leave KL, went laundy to meet with my schoolmates. That’s when i bump into the whole bunch of bloggers! Albert and Yeehou was really friendly as they came over to say hie first, and then i saw like shaolintiger, pinkpau and also kimberlycun there =) wah…happy but too starstruck till dono what to say..bodoh

Then once reach penang, we did our rounds of eating before heading over to the beach. Upon reaching the beach, everyone turns on camwhoring mode. omg, i tell you the time at the beach was one of the best i had! Everyone started jumping around..randomly..ala smashp0p.

Best photo i think is the candid one…so natural ..really love it.

I was walking up front and eh, how come that fella looks so familiar?? Turn out Boss Stewie was bringing his friend around at the beach too. Penang really small ya!

I see my friends jump till so seronok, i also want to join in the fun~

Looking back at these photos, makes me feel so sad and happy at the same time i think i’m going mad. The laughs we shared are more than few lectures time combine together. Things start to go out of control and we started to synchronize our jumps into funny poses…like the KungFu Style
and carefree/supergirl style

The guys just sat on the sand and watch us girls so mad with the camera. The day ended so well, the weather was so perfect! Sky so blue, wind blow softly, sun not scorching hot, clouds so cute can eat.

and then proceed to club later at night. I’m sorry if i caused any unhappiness the other night but i really do not mean it. I’m really sorry. I hope everyone had a great time there. and Guess who i saw at the club ?
I had a blast with you people there. I now realize how much you guys meant to me in my life. You guys are already part of my life for the past 2 years.

You guys are already embedded in me and im seriously having a hard time adjusting my life now and not seeing you guys at least once a week, even in a sleepy condition in a cold lecture hall. Oh, it was also to celebrate ynnek’s birthday as i expect to be busy for the weekend and back to kl on its real day. Happy Belated Birthday, Butty!!

Guess already who i saw? It’s KennySia, the kuching blogger la.. He entered this small game that the club had, eating tabasco sauce and chilli without hands. That’s why you can see his lips like got abit swollen ya..hehe….sober at the time talking to him, forgot how the conversation went ady. But i did remember him being friendly and all…

My group member during assignment time! very very very innocent and nice gal.

The next day, brought the guys to have dinner at Hau You. The view there was really breathtaking. Me not lying. Photo as bukti. Really nice right??! It’s sunset at that time and it’s so so beautiful…

And then just to prove that its not some poster or wallpaper, ini dia. I’m in it also.

Knowing you guys is probably one of the best thing that happen in my life. People from all walks of life, enlightening and brightening me up in my daily life in KL. Without you guys, i guess my life in tar would be as dull as grey.
Now i wish that college life does not end that soon. I actually hope that i still have classes to attend, assignments to do so that this chapter in my life would not end. So that i get still get to see you guys on a weekly basis. This trip make it even harder for me to let go of kl. Make me misses it even more when we all got closer together. When i get to know someone better, from a hibye friend to someone i consider good friend, someone who i can trust.

For the pass few days when i went back to KL to get all my stuff, i’ve been meeting up with friends saying goodbye. Meeting new people and going new places. That’s make my heart even more heavier to leave. My goodness, you dont know how long does it takes for me to complete this entry. Everytime must stop after awhile because i’ll be filled with sadness i have no words for it anymore.

Thank you for closing the chapter so beautifully for me =) i love and misses you people already.

PS: i saw xiaxue at tapah stop on the way to kl. i’m like omg….3 days in a row, see all these bloggers, but i did not take any photos with her because she say she got no makeup on >_<

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2 Responses to The TAR Coursemate’s Penang Trip

  1. aL says:

    kennysia looks a bit weird in here. it is bcos the pics in his blog are photoshopped? hahahahaha.

    anyway, lame excuse by XX. ahhahaa.

  2. mrbherng says:

    Just reminded me of the time when me and my friends went up to Penang after our A-levels. We were all from TARC too….

    Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!

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