The weekend that was

Helo, quick update from me before the week starts again!

So friday after work, i went clubbing with my new colleague. First time going out with them and it’s my element already. Hohoho..Luckily I did not do any embarrasing stuff or else, i do not know how to face them.

It was, surprisingly, a very pleasant time with them!! I expect myself to be inside my shell throughout the whole night but hmm…maybe because i bumped into a few friends and i started to warm up abit.. or because there’s adequate supply of alcoholic drink on the table that night? I don’t know which is which, but it’s all good!!

Saturday and sunday was the most meaningful thing!! I found the love of my life already! and Finalllyy!! Why did i have to waste so much time searching when you were just there! Should have start to know you better right from the start!!

i love you!!!!!!

My dearest!!

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13 Responses to The weekend that was

  1. ynnek says:

    ini orang sudah jadi “kuai kui”. I must whack that fellow who turn u into this

  2. Eve says:

    ynnek: first, whack urself k? hahah

  3. erickoay says:

    hmm… the capital words MAHJONG really caught my eye… altho i dunno wat it means to u… im damn siau mahjong also.. keke… first thing when go back msia is buy mahjong set + cari member to play.. oi if free link me… my blog no traffic wan….kekeke

  4. Tan says:

    kiau kooi!!! kiau kutu!!!

    next time must pay more tuition fees!!!

    and i wana apply cover charge at my house adee hohoho!

  5. Spyd3r says:

    it’s me…i duno why suddenly my name appear as tan…

    ini blogger duno why suddenly paksa me use google account..

  6. Eve says:

    eric: yaya will link u when i go home ok, still in office now! I just yamchar wit ur cousin, jennifer last nite~~

    TAN: next time u need to pay me ady! ur house is our recreation center~ hahaha

  7. CY says:

    Wargh! So funny!

    And lol at TAN 😉

  8. AhPau says:

    LOL..I’m starting to fall in love with mahjong too! After a few weekend games with friends…=P

  9. Eve says:

    Do you notice a trend here? Why only Penangites reply har? Means all penang ppl are kiau kui ady….hehehe

    Can form Mahjong club, when come back fr kl, russia or london, can play together!!

  10. CY says:

    Noler, means a lot of Penangites support ur blog. Woo hoo!! 😛

  11. erickoay says:

    proud to be labelled kiau kui

  12. CY says:

    I think she meant or kui. Lol~!

  13. Wan Yean says:

    i’m from penang, and i dunno how to play mahjong. makes me half a kooi/ jin kooi?

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