Three little birds that I know

1. Kenetf – Emo boy

The Emo Boy who traveled with me last year.  From the 5 of us, one is still there. He’s the only one that manage to go back from the rest of us. Good luck and all the best!!

He have his second chance of exploring Sheffield and the lands beyonds. So jealous. Haiz!!

If you have the chance, dont come back to this screwed up place..

2. LadyCow – SpammingSiewPeng

My dearest dearest friend who left Penang to pursue her dream career. Although not far (KL only) but still will miss her dearly..haiz. Who should i call for Mahjong or makan at 3rd Avenue??

Who to email about sleeping sleeping in toilet? Who to help me defend by pinching the guys?? Who to camwhore with ? Who to conteng my banana?

3. Wanster – my twin brother

This fella, i feel so happy for him, Getting to go Germany and all 🙂 He’ll be back soon before i know it.

Stuttgart!! FREE!!!! and when JaSON MRAZ is performing there!!! The luck! OMG!

3 little birds that flew away all in the span of 3 days >_<

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4 Responses to Three little birds that I know

  1. pp says:

    yoyo..i jus realised u changed blog address..nowonder i click click still the dubai thing no change 1..

    Eve: Pei, why so blur? This blog, came back from dead only now u realize the existences of it..hahahha

  2. didnt know u got banana that siewpeng can conteng.

    Eve: Got~ My dad bought for my breakfast wan~ =.=

  3. Spamming queen says:

    well,wait for me….i wanna kala kala as well!!!!!!!

    next time i will conteng ur orange, pear, durian and so on!

    Eve: we training teongli so he can kala kala in KL with u guys. u try to conteng my durian la~

  4. wanster says:

    this not so little bird is back & tired in jb. and he left his heart in germany <3

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