Three little pigs & the big bad wolf, bangsar

Trying out this mobile blogging thingie and maybe I will stick to this sort of short post otherwise I will take forever for another update

Was in kl for the weekend and was spoiled with choices of food to try since it had been awhile since my last visit.

Decided to check out this place base on the hype. For us it’s really so so. Not super fantastic but the place was pack to the brim.

We had the porky aglio olio, the wolf favorite ( carbonara ) and the mighty piggy burger. Out of the 3, the aglio olio was the best. The rest was a bit of let down to us since its recommended dishes from the menu. Lack of flavors

Conclusion, over rated place. Ambience and staff was good though.

It’s at bangsar village, walk through village grocer vegetable section and you will be able to see it.

20130707-043127 PM.jpg

20130707-043134 PM.jpg

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  1. The Nonya says:

    I love the decor! Have you tried Swine and how does it compare?

    Eve: yea decor was really nice especially the waiting area 🙂 I went Swine twice already despite the long wait and attempted (Fail) a few times after that…hohoho…

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