Times Up 2013

Every year, it seems that we will realize time FLIES damn fast in December and then regret not doing better at things or even starting anything. Hence the cycle of New Year’s Resolution begins again. One of the items on my 2012 to-do-list was to have a brand new blog template, or just to refresh the look since the photo from my header was taken from 5 years ago. Queen of procrastination over here ~

I gave 2013 a thought while driving this evening on what would will describe it best. After the short drive, I conclude the word would be decisions. It is the year I decided on wealth (bought a new car and super love it), health (went on another run), career and relationship as well. Not to be missed out, the decision on our country fate, although sadly not to my desire in the end.


I didn’t travel as much as I would have like but then I will still count my blessings as I still manage to get by with some. Such as short trips to Hadyai, the much put-off Koh Lipe, and Ho Chi Minh which I have yet to blog about at all. Luckily I managed to complete our side trip Mui Ne at the very least.


Could not miss mentioning the first time I fired a real AK-47. Complete with my flower tote shopping bag too. How girlish -__-


I was quite surprised with myself managing with only 1 concert this year. Probably not much interesting act that came by. This was my first Jay Chou concert though and it was a little bit of a let down. I am definitely doing more concerts for 2014. Already 2 in January alone hoohhoo

20131231-042847 am.jpg

Went to Sunway Lagoon with the gang for the first time too in my whole life. It was a fun but so tiring climbing all the steps for Vuvuzela ride.


Went for Where’s the party in Serdang .. Had loads of fun ..Drank alot ..

20131231-042907 am.jpg

Did another 10km run with MrSmallFace. Not literary together as we started off on a different timing but pretty darn proud of him for running together with me. Been trying to get him run the bridge together for 2 years!


Welcome this little Sir into my life and he’s such a cute little fella~


Entered Marvel for his first show and he won himself 2 red ribbons! It was such a happy and proud moment for me, as I’ve not been in the ring for the past 8 years since Jazz won her ribbons. He continue on Jazz legacy well 🙂


Apart from having some time to do the above and the random cafe hopping in Penang, I guess I spend alot of my weekend attending friends weddings !! Below collage are just some of the weddings that I’ve attended this year. I actually love attending weddings as they serve as mini reunions for me to catch up with most of my friends who are scattered everywhere else but near me.


I’m thankful that I’ve finally started to pick up another language as that is what I’ve been trying to do for YEARS! Even though I’ve stopped going for lesson, MrSmallFace and I are still working hard to improve it daily. Pretty happy on that.

I guess it has been a pretty slow year for me. My resolution last year was to be happy with a hope for a clearer direction. I truly believe that although I had a much simpler year but I was much happier than last year. I’m thankful for the year that has been, no matter the event as it had helped me grow or rather pushed me to grow and move out of my comfort zone. It was the year that I’m thankful for the realization that my life may be able to go on without anyone, but it’s just much harder without a certain someone.

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living in fears” 


2014 will be a year for dreams to come true. There are already certain things in the pipeline I’m very excited about. I resolve to have a better temper and to see the beauty in the simpler things in life. Let it be a good year!

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s the chance to start over and do well. Best wishes to the coming year ! 

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