Toads for sale/ Football rant

This is the answer to the first question.

I went to the saloon to get some treatment for my new hairdo and i notice that they(my friends/stylist) has added a green snake to their saloon/mini zoo. Being curious and all, i hover over to see see look look. I saw some kodak/kacang pulu inside the aquariuam. So i was like

Me: Hey, how did you manage to catch those toads??

Joe: Buy them from the petshop la *making the are-u-stupid-or-what look*

Me: *blush blush* Oww, expensive ar?

Joe: No..They are selling 1 toad for 30 cent *pause* and 3 toads for RM 1

Me: Serious ah?

Joe: Yala!! That’s y i buy 2 by 2 instead of 3..

All in shop: *laugh at stupidity of petshop*

Moral of the story: So people, dont always assume that 3 X 30 cent equals to 90 cent. There are really really dumb business people out there o_O


I’m in the office today! Woke up at 5.15AM people on a saturday. Woohoo! I did it again! First time this term working on a saturday. OT coming my way babeh! I dont know why but i feel estatic and energitic. Not sleepy as usual. Looking forward to go home and edit the photos that i took yesterday. Couldn’t do it yesterday because my brother was hogging the pc to play his football game..BAH!

What’s wrong with men’s and football? I have nothing against the game, in fact i do watch the match from time to time. But why must 99% of men be so goddamn obsessed with it? It’s just a freaking ball. They talk about it, dream about it, have poster up on the wall, sleep underneath a big red MU duvet that cost them abomb, play games like Fifa, CM and Fantasyfootball. I dono… the heat will be raise higher than you could ever imagine come this June. Scratch mark will be seen all over taken boys as gf will be desperately prying the boys away fr the TV. Only once in every 4 years. Mother of All Football league/championship/match or watever u like to call it is here.

“The World Cup”
ps: i wonder this time how many flat/apartment/high-rise building will have a sudden increase of unwanted resident. Undertaker will have a busy season ahead!
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3 Responses to Toads for sale/ Football rant

  1. t t says:

    where is the 2nd question ? jelly fish ?

  2. Eve says:

    Patiences my friend

  3. angchoonseong says:

    1 toad for 30cent, 3 for 1 ringgit. By making this kind of mistake, the shop might end up selling more toads without losing anything, if some smart ppl saw that mistake and buy 4 toads.

    If dumb ppl.. still buy 3 toads for 1 ringgit, the shop still untung buta 10 cent.

    Either way its win win strategy!

    (as i always said, only idiot call others idiot!)hahahahhahaha

    good blog!

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