Today i ran to another village

I did!! I ran for like 2 miles today along the country road despite the cold winds and before i know it, i saw the tiny sign that normally you see before entering another city, town, or in my case, village.

I even took a photo as evidence!! Look ! Pilham..where that is..

And another one…if i kept running following the signboard, i could save some pounds from taking the bus. hahah…

and here’s a lovely dog i met. The dog name Love..such lovely cocker spaniels. I can just melt away around dogs and puppies.

As promised, i will like to give a huge SHOUT OUT to MilkyWay, that surprisingly reads my blog while his own blog is dead as a stone could be alive. His quote, if don’t use brain everyday, will become potato.. -__- Why i have such lame friends.

He also ask me to pimp him.. So here he is..with me..a photo of us from past 2 christmas. Then, still abit chubs, according to him, now he thin already hahaha.

Pimping fact: Good at basketball (used to?) Taller than me (ABIT ONLY), can be really sarcastic and funny, ride motorbikes like mat rempit in KL to Kajang respect. Wear ties to work lol, and a great friend i would say. Even though abit potato himself. haha

nah..ur shoutout done.. haha i hope you are happy.. 🙂 No need to thank me or love me ok..haha

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3 Responses to Today i ran to another village

  1. h3l3n says:

    oh? pimp ppl means intro them in ur blog n promote to get gf/bf isit?? kaka no wonder u ask me pimp u.. i tak paham..

    can pimp me also.. any lengchai frens? but if got sure u makan already.. haha

    i overeat today.. huhu gambate in ur diet, eve!!!~ lose weight and let me be jealous and forced to dust my gym shoes..

  2. Eve says:

    helen, my diet kantoi today la..T__T pimp is promote necessary is bf/gf wan…hehe maybe my type is not your type so i still can introduce..hehehe

  3. aL says:

    no wonder he tak reply my comment in his blog! lol XD

    and hey you girl… like 3 zaman i din see you adiiiiiiiiiii!!!

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