Tomyam Porridge – Raja Uda

Week 32 – I’ve heard of this infamous tomyam porridge place in Raja Uda, Butterworth for the longest time.

So, 1 fine weekend after paying respect to the biggest King of Hades in BM, we went over to check this place out.

It’s already packed with people when we reached around 7pm. No table available and most table are with drinks only.


and patience is what you must have if you intend to take up the “challenge” of this place.

How this place works is that, you take a small plate at the side, choose whatever ingredient that you may fancy and pass it over to the worker and they will tag your plate accordingly.They have beehoon, maggie noodle and porridge with clear soup base or tomyam soup base.

and the wait begins. The first time i was there, i waited for about 1.5 hours to be served.

the 2nd and 3rd time was around 45minutes. So do not expect any fast food there.

If you are too free, you can slowly trace where had your platter advance from time to time 🙂

Finally, food!! I had the tomyam maggie noodle as i wasnt a fan of porridge. It’s more towards the sour side

The ever famous tomyam porridge! It’s really yummy no doubt!

Is it worth the wait ? Maybe not. But when you go with a bunch of friends, you can just idle there or chit chat while waiting. I’m sure no problem there.

Be sure to get the awesome fried fish and extra egg to go with your mains.


Close on Tuesday, open from 7pm till way past midnight. No signboard, but it’s along Jalan Raja Uda, just right after Kwang Hwa School.

GPS Coordinate 5.428403,100.383507

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