Tv Show on hold

One of the best time waster is to watch series. I follow plenty of series like Heroes , prison break, ANTM, Ugly Betty, project runway and desperate housewives because i have got plenty of time on hand.

But i guess this coming december and january will be a very dull one as most of the series has stop shooting. All except Prison Break i think. Because prison break is having their usual break and will resume showing next year.

The rest gonna stop shooting because the writers strike in NY is not over yet! OMG ! i need my daily dose of drama… T_______T

Anyway, this post is not going the way i intended it to be. Sound sien right? So i shall inject some excitement in the form of they cutest nerd ever!!


Henry from Ugly Betty! He’s cute enough with clothes on…

but …without any one…he sizzles ok……

OooLaLaaa! Nuff said!

And then with Heroes season finale showing this week as in ALREADY? It’s not even 24 episode. Not even a season yet…. and this season is just so amazing minus the boring twins that crys black tears and i just hate the lightning girl. Beats prison break anytime i reckon.

I shall miss my eye candy Peter Petrelli the most. Reminder of how hot he looks.


I was watching desperate housewives last night and it was one of the best way to end an episode!

For the last 10 minutes or so, i was going OMG OMG OMG OMG and i so dont want it to end! Can’t wait for the next episode and i so hope that they already film that before the strike!! I dont wan to wait till january to see what has the tornado done to Fairview!

Best series, after Sex and the city and and friends! And i love this scene from SATC the most! the moonriver song playing. such a romantic yet saddening scene, knowing Mr.Big will be leaving again…Sex and the City: The movie would be one of the most anticipated movie for me next year. Mr. Big would always be one of my favorite character forever.

I hope to update my sheffield trip asap but im gonna decorate my first xmas tree tonite! Weeee!!!

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3 Responses to Tv Show on hold

  1. Des says:

    aih…you and your milo petrelli again!

    it shud be eve and milo – peng petrelli adee..

  2. Eve says:

    i also hope its evelo.. like how they call hayden n milo – Halo..hehehe

    don’t tell me u won’t miss ur prison break and heroes too!

  3. Wanster says:

    eve & milo = evo

    haha… walao sampai ada christmas tree? fuh…

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