typical me

As I was going for lunch today with my colleague,i hit the side of my head against the car door frame so hard~~ i was just holding on to the side of my head for the next few seconds groaning…

I’m so used to my Kenari door height and did not bend enough..AND THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME. just that this time around, the pain is so bad, i feel like blogging about it before i go retard or stupid or something like that.

When i got back to the office after lunch, my head is still throbbing with pain and I’m really afraid I’ll go stupid or something. Even asked MrSmallFace, does he mind having a retarded gf… :S

This is so typical of me. Stubbing my toes. Tripping myself over while wearing flats walking on a smooth flat ground. Yea! I’m the champion!

Ooo..a little something from Krabi for everyone. They have small signboard “Evacuation for Tsunami” almost everywhere..  🙂

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2 Responses to typical me

  1. mary says:

    you can’t just go retard. Just like you can’t just go asian. Funny how you “orientals” think it’s okay to use the word retard but have a fit when white people make their eyes into slants to look like you. You hated it when Miley Cyrus did it yet you don’t care who you hurt when you use the word retard.
    Well, you hurt people with special needs and that isn’t right.
    Slurs hurt. Whether they are directed at you or people with special needs. They are just wrong. You should know better.

  2. Eve says:

    hi Mary. i don’t know any better, you don’t either. We “orientals” don’t give a damn on what miley cyrus do. However, i believe that the word RETARD is more loosely use by you westerners.

    please come by my blog sometimes. your comment amuse me 🙂

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