Last friday, I attended a wedding dinner in many years and most excitingly, this is my friend’s wedding dinner #1!

There’ll be more I know, I already have 2 more wedding dinners line up this year…This only shows 1 thing…I’m getting old!!

It was a great night spend. I get to spend almost the entire night with my dearies. How rare is that? Usually we’ll be seeing each other over lunch and that’s it.. Speng would be rushing home to KL or Pling need to rush home…

Desmond-T and his famous dear which is also Speng my dearie, confuse yet? hahaha

Me and MrSmallFace which I think for once, his face is big vs mine.

Angles, darling, angles. HAHAH !!  I really like this photo of me. I think I alway swept my hair like that and look like that subconsciously all the time..

My pink instax and Christal blue. Coincidently we decided to bring it out to play that night.

The surprise guest performer that night. Can you guess who that is? One of Malaysia’s very own talented singer 🙂 He really can sing.

Escorts for the night. Take your pick. Hahahahah…

Schoolmates are the best lots every isn’t it? After that you will get to meet funny people that’s so funny it’s hard to believe these people existed in the first place.

With the Bride that’s so busy the whole night.

Dearies + dates

Dearies club. The last time we took a photo together is during CNY which is 6 months ago! Time flies. I bet it will be in September till we can take another photo together or gather together. That night, pling must be pretty busy..hehe

Me and MrSmallFace… obligatory almost monthly photo! 🙂


I love how this one turns out. Very vintage, just the way i like it.

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3 Responses to Unions

  1. ynnek says:

    In front of me was Ronaldo taking a free kick. We were forming a wall…

  2. Mr Huhu says:

    go get married la woi haha

    Eve: darling huhu, not anytime soon

  3. huuuu…. i miss lepaking with you !!!!…

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