Unluckiest day in my life

Today is the unluckiest day in my life. EVER!

This morning, went KL for an interview with a company i really want to work with. The journey was suppose to take only 4 hours but the stupid bus driver decided to stop at Slim River for lunch, which make me behind schedule by an hour.

When i reach KL, i had to rush over to TAR college to get my certificate (OH GOD! like finally right!). Upon reaching the counter, I was ignored for a good 5 minutes although there’s people sitting at their desk and i was like “Hello, Hello, excuse me” wtf wtf wtf

If i weren’t rushing around, i would have screwed them upside down for such unfriendliness, plus they are like having open day today, i wanted to created chaos and tell the parents, don’t register ur kids with stupid tar already.

I then tried to hail a taxi to Jln Sultan Ismail, but all refuse to take me T___T Finally one fella suggest i stop at Dang Wangi because it’s “near” to the place i wanted to go. Just 5 minutes walk.

I believed him. He dropped me at LRT station where the counter people are too lazy to work, so had to buy ticket from machine which don’t accept coins and i ended up borrowing 10cent from the kind guy queuing behind me.

So from Dang Wangi, i started walking towards Concorde Hotel like a blind mouse, so far! wtf, no sign of central plaza. Then i asked some pedestrian, which told me it’s quite far. So i took a cab, that cost me RM7 for less than 5 minutes of ride.

By that time, i was already late for interview, confused, tired and stress out. Most stressful part was the interviewer was actually the director himself, Ang Moh from USA. 3 against 1. Performed way below my own expectation and standard. SO DISAPPOINTED WITH MYSELF, i wanna go jump from a building. It always happen with me when it comes to interview with job i want badly. I get tongue tied and brain dead. Like some useless retarded that ventured into the interview aimlessly.

After the disastrous interview, i just wanna go home. It was rush hour, again no taxi would take me to the old ktm station. Finally found one that charge me RM15 and assured he know where it is.


He don’t even know where it is and i had to ask him to stop so i can ran across the road. When i was running, BOTH side of my shoe got spoilt in the middle of kl road. I had to ran barefooted on the street of KL towards the NICE office lugging along my backpack. And the bus left 5 minutes ago because of the blardy stupid idiotic taxi driver

Luckily or not, i brought along another pair of shoe. So while putting on the other pair of shoe, i asked to change the ticket, which i already bought earlier on. No bus until 10PM. RM60 got burned again…

Fine, i went pudu by taxi again and finally got on the 630pm bus at RM30

Did anyone notice that i did not mention food or drinks? Thats because i did not drink or eat anything from 730AM till 1130PM… i am surprised by my ability of forgetting hunger. Totally superb. o_0

Thanks to Hongz and Christal for listening to me ranting on the phone. I really nearly cried because of the really really bad day i had today. So damn stress out and emo i think all my hair turned white.

I hope by telling you about my bad day, it makes you feel much better about your life. Thinking that, maybe your day wasn’t that bad after all -____-

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11 Responses to Unluckiest day in my life

  1. willchua says:

    Poor you… Hope you get good news on the job.

  2. Sewjin says:

    is it wrong that i’m laughing at your post?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Eve says:

    willchua: Thanks but i already lost hope.

    sewjin: EVIL THING! T__T

  4. Sewjin says:

    it’s the amount of emoticons you use in your post la. you could tell the tale of the september 11 tragedy and still make it a comedy!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. willchua says:

    bad sewjin. Ha ha… I’m gonna blog about taxi driver today. still in progress.

  6. Eve says:

    sewjin: it represents the real me. i really look like that

    willchua: haha..do i know you?

  7. willchua says:

    Here is my post. It’s a poll and also some of my own bad experience with taxi driver.

    Nope, I dun think we know each others. Occasionally reading your blog but never comment before, i think.

  8. ihsan_huhu says:

    next time come down early one day la…

    ps: did u give dat guy ur phone number for that 10c?

  9. CY says:

    Aw… feel so sad for you πŸ™

    Anyway, Ihsan is right…

  10. Sarah Yeoh says:

    ohh..what a bad day..im sorry for u..anyway, after 3 misfortunes, i believe good luck will be poured on u..good luck! n that kind guy cute mah? =)

  11. Eve says:

    ihsan: no..the guy was shorter than me alot..haha

    cy: thanks πŸ™

    sarah: the kind guy not bad looking wan…hahhaha

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