Vintage Bulgaria @ Hillside

Finally I tried the new Bulgarian food in Penang!!

I first saw it on the day before it’s even open for public. Then finally last saturday, I went there with ynnek. ambiance was great. Just like in a stone cottage, and cleverly made into 2 level. Upper level complete with a bar and i reckon smoking area. The lower groud where dine was made just like a grotto. I like!! 😀

The entree, Crepe Rilla or something. I wanted to order the Tripe Soup but itz already sold out. Disappointed T_T . Will try next trip. The crepe is served cold, wrapped with chicken meat inside. Creamy and cheesy, balance well with the crepe (like roti prata).

This is mine!! Steak Bulgarian style but in short, it’s actually chicken Schnitzel. Portion is generous and i love it because of the mushroom brown sauce. Very nice and tender.,,mmm (y) A nice surprise was that the mash potatoes are actually made of sweet potatoes. Something different from what we get everyday

Ynnek ordered ribs. It’s alright again. We still prefer Tony Roma’s rib any time. Probably it’s a little too dry for our liking. We asked the ladyboos and she say its the Bulgarian Style, having it dry like that.

This is boring humans while waiting for dessert…I like this photo because it’s blur so hahahhaha =.=

The desert is Baklava. Quite similar with the entree, just that it’s wrapped with walnut and cinnamon. I am not a very big fan of nuts so poor ynnek had to finish most of it. and it’s too sweet for my liking as it’s soaked with syrup.

All and all, it’s a nice place for dinner for much occasions. Price are reasonable given the portion and environment. If you like Ingolf, you’ll like this place as well!! Advisable to make reservation beforehand too because since it’s like the new place, it tend to get full house easily.

The night is still young after dinner so we adjourned to UPR….which will lead to another post :water eyes: 😀 😀

Tel: 04 898 1890 Open Lunch & Dinner

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10 Responses to Vintage Bulgaria @ Hillside

  1. ynnek says:

    you guys should give it a try there… I felt like Berbatov~!!!

  2. ck lam says:

    Glad that you enjoy yourself with your friends in this new place. Our family had a good time too.

    Will try the Crepe Rilla…looks yummy 🙂

    Eve: Thanks for visitin my blog!!

  3. Mr Huhu says:

    smell like Berbatov’s armpit

    Eve: Darlin huhu, u smell before? ahhhaaha

  4. teongli says:

    Your blog’s pixs load very lambat la.
    Des and WY blog ok.

    Eve: MY say my photo size too besar. I shall resize it first then la…i am using co’s internet so i did not realize how slow it actually loads. thanks for the head up!

  5. jason.l says:

    Yea. Agree with Teong, i was salivating liao then aiya so slow potong stim d. hahahaha. Your chicken looks good! More places to eat in Penang nowadays. YAY! I’m going back next week for a week’s Penang food therapy.

  6. Mat Ganas says:

    Wah looks like Streamyx is getting “faster and faster” with blogs hosted overseas. But the steak looks nice lah, slurp !

  7. wanster says:

    what’s happening to penang? suddenly so many tempat makan yang best…

    Eve: nothing is happening, just i got hardworking posting food post

  8. samyeap says:

    i heard of this restaurant from CK Lam too. Hmm..going to try it one day.

  9. d e s says:

    Buttz is too Man-U’ed already…sees Bulgaria, smelt Berbatov… LOL…

    Pasangan bahagia yang sentiasa mencari makna hidup dengan makanan luar biasa dan enak dinikmati ramai LOL.. reminds me of kampung boy city girl…but this kampung boy no blog wan…

    Eve: makna hidup..wat is kampung boy city girl?

  10. aL says:

    like so yummeh! i surely will go one day! 🙂

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