Vivian Hsu @ Midvalley

I know many others bloggers had blog bout her and took way better photos of her, but i still want to blog bout her *blekkkk*

So i won the tickets to watch her at the Promo tour last week. Turns out the ticket nothing really special. Wished i had the V.I.P. tickets instead.

I got 2 tickets from MY.Fm. So since i know someone have been telling me how much he want to see Vivian in real person looong loong time ago, i decided to ask him along.

Btw, because of the Eyes on Malaysia, i was stuck in the freaking jam, just for a freaking short distance along Jln Genting Klang towards Jln Pahang that evening. Stupid!! When you promote something to heavily, you should expect heavy traffic towards that area. Well, do something about it, idiots.As usual, we were made to stand for an hour before the real singer finally appears. In person, she’s quite petite and cute. A little chubby around the waistline as what my eyes tell me. I would not say she’s fat as she is very skinny on her limbs. I would have expect all those taiwanese pop idols to be stick thin and kawaii wannabe. She’s a good example to the kids i would say.
One thing is that, i reallly really love her hair. It’s super the long and its has natural curls or wave on it. Which is really beautiful. She of course can afford all the maintainence. My hair hasn’t even reach my waist yet but it’s drops like nobody’s business.
I would say she’s friendly, which is obviously as the fans are those people that are buying her dinner. She came out and sang some upbeat tempo song which i do not know of. I’m not familiar with any of her songs except for the one as Sarah’s ringtone. HHAhaha.

And then one of the fans when up. And he said something like he can imitate Gary Cao Ge and all. He even say live. I would say for a 16 year old boy, facing hundreds on fans, he’s a brave lad which a decent voice.

They even duet for the song I still believe. Very sporting dude and lucky one i must say. Holding hands with her and walking around the stages, fooling around with her. hAHAha
And then of course, she sang the most famous song of all, Ai Siao De Yan Jing – Smilling Eyes.

Overall i think she sang about 5 songs. Abit of games and talk here and there. The whole thing made me stand for 2 hours. Consider ok, as it’s in an air conditioned place.

Some clips for you people to listen her sing live. Not so good though but can pass lar..haha Judge for yourself lar…

Mei Ren Yu – Mermaid. A song collaborte with Jay Chou

Ai Siao De Yan Jing

Lastly, a proof that i was there. hehehe No photos of the person that went with me, because i think if i post it up, he’ll kill me cos it’s so farnneyy…HAHAHAHA

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  1. CY says:

    Last photo is photoshopped wan… kekeke

  2. Eve says:

    Ohh shit…rahsia bongkar..!!

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