warehouse sale madness

The much anticipated Massimo Dutti, Zara, Pull&Bear sale was MADNESS! I think just the name MD is enough to pull the great horde of shopaholic alike to cineleisure early in the morning ON a public holiday. Otherwise, I BET people would had preferred to sleep in.

We got there at 1030AM(sale begins @ 11AM) and guess what greet us in the sunny morning?

Seas of people already queuing the whole length of cineleisure!!  upon seeing that, our mission was aborted and we went to ikea instead.=.=

I feel it’s just not worth my time for all that. By the time we reach inside, i guess there wont be much left but trampled leftovers. Here’s a picha i took when i was there. I’m not even at the very end of the line, just somewhere middle and there’s TWO line on both side.

I rather go sip some h20 somewhere..hehe

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