Warning: Retard on the Road!

You know those yellow plate thingie where people like to stuck in their car window?? Well, they should make ’em by the dozen and give them out for free to those fucktards i met on the way home. At least I’ll know that a retard is driving in front of me. I knowI’m not suppose to rant on this holy ash day but i’m not christian therefore im not “spiritually” bounded right? hahah

*Breath in Breath out*

Can someone please show me the path to enlightenment? I really do not understand what those stupid fucktards are thinking while cruising in their stinky old car on the highway taking their own honey-sweet time. I wanted to get home as fast I can after being stuck in the office after 10 hours. These idiots will drive at the maximum 70 on a FAST LANE! If they do not know the rules on the road, please go back to the L “kopi” driving school and you can drive using 1st gear as long as you want lar. Please do not cross my path with the ultimate single purpose to piss me!

To make things worst, when I wanna cut to the left so I can overtake him, he will also slowly swerve to the left and not letting me pass. WAT THE FUCK!! I absofuckinglutely had enough of this behaviour so i decided to tail the shit car reallll close to the bumper and flash him. I’m an idiot. Please slap me. I totally forgot that it’s a retarded with a pea size brain driving in front. Gahhhhh!!!! I SOOOOOOOOOOOO wannna be a road bully at that time, taking a baseball bat smashing that asshole windscreen to pieces or even better, if i have a bulldozer or those bigfoot car, i’ll do them a favour by rolling over their scrap metal/socalled cars. WAHHAHAHAHAA

Another fuckin annoying thing was that he thought the highway belongs to his ahkong! When’s there no car on the left lane, he will drive in the middle of the road, blocking the whole damn road!!! By then, my blood vessel are throbbing like it’s gonna burst anytime, even listening to Light & Easy wont help.

Luckily, the bottleneck of the highway ends.

Going berserk with the daily traffic i have overcome on my workdays. Take bicycle la people! Petrol go up by 30cent ady ok~Still dont want to save ar? Later need to eat sawdust only realise should be enviromental friendly? TOO LATE! Dumbass…

*Breath in Breath ouuuuttttt Feels soo much better*

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6 Responses to Warning: Retard on the Road!

  1. fooDcrazEE says:

    relax….these idiots will be there eternity

  2. fishtail says:

    Try to cool down lah, otherwise (1) your blood vessel may burst (2) you may become a candidate for a heart attack, and (3) you might really bang someone with your car and that will be really not worth it.

  3. Edz says:

    Man.. this is one farney entry. But yeah, be cool and take it easy. Worse is you might cari pasal with the wrong person.

  4. Eve says:

    Hey..Dont worry guys, im just using this blog as a bean bag. Wahahah. I’m a scaredy cat, i wont go bang people’s car. Had accidentS before so i know the consequences. =P

  5. Jase Lee says:

    There will never by an end to the supplies of idiotic fools in the world. I had the same share especially with our customers through the phone… *sigh*

  6. Eve says:

    jasa: Hey, i work in a call center as well! maybe we know each other! hahhahaha…

    Yea…had to talk to stupid people everyday.If i do this in a long term, i’m facing risk of turning to an idiot myself :p

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