Water Crisis & Why I’m Not a JPA Scholar

Today my shoulder and back is aching like hell. Yesterday, me and ostro had to get water by lining up behind throngs of dehydrated human to get water. Then had to carry it up the stairs, up to 21st floor and allllll the way to the last unit along the corridor. Arghh…It’s like im lifting 500KG of dumbbell. My arms now is like jello..-.-||

After dinner, i still see people getting water….under the rain..how ironic and sad..
The sound of water gushing through the taps are like music angels from heaven are playing!! Finally, approximately 8pm, we had water for the first time in 4 straight days!! WAhahaha…

Today was very sien… because i finally start my revision…which i still think it’s too late already. Then suddenly i see my lumix cam cam….
Wahahha…camwhore for awhile…
Someone please help me pass my exam!! T_____________T

Quote from Sexy Back ” I’ll let you whip me if i misbehavee”… I’m so gonna die this time….

Expect more random blog in the up coming few weeks ady….wahhahahah….

Exam + Stress = Madness + Emo

Recently a “friend” kept telling me that i’m very old and need to start looking for bf..

Hello, i haven’t even celebrate my 21st birthday ok? I also don’t feel like growing old alone but No point kept reminding me that i dont have a bf, that i need to be a bimbo in order for guys to like me. You want me to add in some drool to that or not? It is an offence that i know more things that you, the ignorant pedalaman people huh?

Sue me la!!!

Since u so smart, teach me la…how to find a bf? I dont want someone like yours can..? HAHAHAHAHA…. You think it’s as easy as clicking Search in Google ar? >O< I dont need a bf to feed me wan ok…i still can live…canot die…not like you… So shut ur pipe hole la…bitch

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8 Responses to Water Crisis & Why I’m Not a JPA Scholar

  1. angchoonseong says:

    sorrowful eyes…wahahahhaha

    go study!

  2. Wan Yean says:

    fancy being labelled as a bitch? simple! all you gotta do is to ask eve: “ei, when u wanna find a bf?”
    lol 😀

    ei dont hav 2 dress like a bimbo to be attractive 2 guys la.

  3. ting says:

    NO BF is nothing la…I also don’t have mah..better think of your studies..hahahaha

  4. Eve says:

    acs: thanks to u, im stuck with that label 4eva. eehehe

    wanyean: she said more than tat la, and she ask me to be bimbotic ..not i say wan…

    ting: ya i know..exam..damnnn

  5. CY says:

    The comics are so cute 😛

  6. Eve says:

    cy: thanks =)

  7. fred says:

    hey, that’s me inside your photo getting water from the stupid lorry … didn’t expect myself to be a superstar *ahem* … just kidding … anyway this whole f**king water crisis episode is really damn frustrating …

  8. Eve says:

    Fred, yup really damn frust !

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