Wednesday, I tried something new!

Wednesday i went to Midvalley to watch Step Up. It was really good if you enjoy movies like, You Got Served, Honey, and Center Stage. That fella really can dance, unexpected. The OST are very upbeat and catchy. However, the storyline suxs, just love the dancing part, awesome!! Thanks to MasterLong or else i wouldn’t have manage to get the tickets for the movie even watched it la! I know you not that keen to watch this movie, next time tampal balik lar…HAHAhaha

I decide to try something new! As in to take public transport 100%-ly to Midvalley. It’s a hard feat for me. Usually, i couldn’t resist to take taxi all the way there or at least to the nearest lrt station, because i’m always nearly late. Well, i was determined enough on that hot, sunny, sweaty afternoon to take a Bus that takes around 10minutes instead of the usual 5minutes or so to get to the same destination.

Then I took the usual tram/train to KL Sentral to switch to KTM. That alone took me 30minutes. When i got to KL Sentral, it’s already rush hour. First time boarding the KTM during rush hour ok.

And the experience was damn scary. Those people are just pushing their way towards the tiny entrance/exits of the train. They dont really give a damn to those people which are trying to get out from the train to make space for them to get in -____- Damn stupid i say!

There were so many people on the platform, and while waiting, i clutched to my handbag in fear that it will get snatched, as i often hear scary stories of KTM. I also saw some dodgy looking character loitering around . Euww..

Funny thing is, i notice, everyone was standing behind the yellow line, and then looking at the same direction. Anticipating the arrival of the train, just like how baby birds anticipate the return of their mother with worm in their beaks =) As usual, the tram was delayed and i had to wait for 2 train to pass before managing to board one.

Guess how long it took me to get from my place to midvalley?

By cab: (No pushing, sweating, running, waiting, getting traumatized) 20 minutes, damage = RM8-9

By public transport: 1 hour 15minutes, damage = RM 4.20

Next time round, which method will you choose if you were me ??

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6 Responses to Wednesday, I tried something new!

  1. Anonymous says:

    u went alone? actually i still would prefer public transport, it’s still cheaper plus i have this fear of getting lost.

  2. Neo says:

    I will use my own car! 20 minutes, RM2 petrol 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry did you say something? I got lost at the first pic 😀

  4. 5xmom says:

    I tried that before, using LRT from Ampang to MidValley. Aiyor, chialat, kena change stations la, naik tangga, turun tangga. In the end, it was more expensive ‘cos I have the kids with me. And we thot KL taxis won’t allow our whole family to travel, duh. Rupa-rupanya Malaysia got no rules one. Three adults, two big children and one toddler, semua pun boleh sumbat masuk one taxi. LOL

  5. Eve says:

    Ben: yeah..i went there alone to meet my friend mar.

    neo: lucky u to own a car !

    cy: Oh, behave!

    5Xmom: Thanks for visiting my blog! normally 5 of us will board 1 taxi to college wan..hahahaha

  6. Joash Chan says:

    I would have taken a taxi if there was another person with me (which is usually the case). It’s weird how we have 4 different types of trains in KL…

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